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Arlington Va judges: bribes and favoritism?

"Moses was taken from his family after suffering an asthma attack...promptly given up for adoption" bypassing rights of other family members to take the child. Baby "Sabrina was given away to a politically connected couple in Arlington Virginia" after loosing a few ounces after birth due to doctor prescription of insufficient amount of formula, she regained it a few days later when the doctor corrected the amount, but was stolen from her family anyway. Again, grandparents requests to take the baby were ignored. The family spend over $350,000 in legal fees unable to return her, even after the court acknowledged the child was removed improperly. Arianna Lelani was given to a wealthy father, she was removed outside of jurisdiction, only the father's attorney reside in Arlington, and no other party. Judge Esther Wiggins never questioned why a 4 yrs old was sleeping in father's bed, and how she contracted mouth and genital herpes. Here is a petition listing many more cases of horror, pain, and suffering from the judicial abuse taking place right now, 15 minutes away from the White House: Remove Judge Esther Wiggins from 17th Judicial District Court in Virginia

There is NO corruption in Va, only an Old Boy Network

"Corrupt public officials undermine our country's national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society." -- Special Agent Patrick Bohrer, assistant section chief of our Public Corruption/Civil Rights program at FBI Headquarters.

Virginia is in need of launching a grand jury investigation into the cozy relationships between controversial Arlington, Va elected judges, lawyers and politicians in response to community allegations that civil judgeships - with annual salaries $150,000 or more - are for sale. At issue is an arcane system in which voters pick delegates to a judicial nominating convention, but do not pick the judges themselves. The system allows political party leaders to steer nominations to judicial candidates who have strong party ties and deep pockets - not sound legal credentials. And because Arlington is heavily Democratic, that party has a near lock on selecting judges. You have to be connected to get on the bench in Arlington. Are there payoffs? There's always been that buzz in the court community. Democratic party leaders have denied that the selection process in Arlington is corrupt. It's time for independent judge-selection panels, nonpartisan elections and other reforms to counter Virginia's reputation for one of the most corrupt state, starting with judicial corruption in Arlington. Virginia Corruption Risk Report Card

Janice Wolk Grenadier "The Judge's are not elected - well they are by other attorneys - so they owe those attorneys- This is an Old Boy Network - You have to start from the top Judge Donald Kent - Judge Donald Haddock - yes retired - but, still have there hands in the till - I have enough on both of them - But, having the documents - and everything it takes - Doesn't matter - because the Corruption goes to the Federal Courts - So who is going to listen? The problem is the Press has no balls to report the Truth - and they are all covering up for each other - THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN AMERICA IS BROKEN - WE HAVE BECOME A "DO AS I SAY NOT A DO AS I DO " COUNTRY iT IS VERY SAD"

Does she have a point about the Old Boy Network in Virginia?

No Arlington family courts do NOT have anything in common with recketeering schemes uncovered in several other states: IFCAA Fighting State Court-Based Racketeering Announces Advances in Illinois, Georgia, PA and Utah:

The county prosecutor is Marry Craig (Moran), the first wife of Jim Moran and a mother of his older children.

The avid supporter of Judge Wiggins, Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee - Alexandria Virginia has his share of questionable practices:

In 2003, Lee dismissed the kidnapping and murder charges against Jay E. Lentz, a former naval intelligence officer, even though a jury had found him guilty. It marked the first time a judge dismissed a jury verdict in a federal death penalty case. Earlier in the case, Lee advised a witness that if she cried he would stop her testimony, a move that is unusual in that it is rare for a judge to preview testimony in a death penalty hearing or restrict how witnesses can act or what they can say:

No Judge Wiggins was NOT removed, in fact, she was REAPPOINTED regardless of numerous complains to the legislative panel, including DC lawyer Roy Morris testimony on December 17, 2009 before the joint Courts of Justice Committee in Richmond. Morris told the committee that something is rotten in Arlington J&DR - he insinuated that money is changing hands in Arlington. He told the committee how his client was told she needed to pay $20,000 to get her child back. http://thepitchforkrebellion.b...

2) Corporations, pro-business nonprofits foot bill for judicial seminars. George Mason University top host of events:

No, there are NO issues.

3) Major Developer John Shooshan Is Now Chair of Barbara Favola's Fundraising Committee?!?
Developers Donate to Favola's Senate Campaign:

"there is NOTHING illegal about what I have received" --Favola

Walter Tejada, Chairman of the Arlington Board is a former aide to Jim Moran, he was appointed by Mark R. Warner when he was a Governor.

4) Arlington County Board member Chris Zimmerman's consulting job with a subsidiary of a global company that works with the county does not constitute to a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict, according to County Attorney Stephen MacIssac.

There is NO conflict of interest.

5) Jim Moran (D-Va ensnarled in scandals, including the investigation into the lobbying firm PMA Group that was accused of trading earmarks for campaign funds. The House ethics committee has exonerated Moran.

No, there is NO corruption, Jim Moran NEVER does ANY favors to the contributors of his campaigns.

6) Prosecutors in Arlington County, Va., say they will not pursue charges against the son of U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, Patrick Moran, in voter fraud,

No, there was NO fraud, it was all a joke by Arlington ethical standards.

And NO do not expect anything to change, Brian ­Moran, a former Virginia delegate and former chairman of the state Democratic Party, a brother of Jim Moran is bidding for the position of the U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia. Typically, Virginia's senators, Timothy M. Kaine and Mark R. Warner, would recommend someone for the job, and the president would consider that strongly in making an appointment:

There is little doubt to what will happen next.

Is Tim Kaine Now a Danger to Democracy?

Virginia's governor provides an appalling example of the crony system in VA.

Corruption? This is Virginia!

Connecting the Dots of Corruption:

Private-citizen Thompson, owner of multiple oceanfront properties, stands to benefit personally from the very legislation which he wrote: http://www.virginianewssource....

"Virginia has this rather elite political culture where the elites have always been somewhat immune from scrutiny" --James Madison University ethics law expert and political scientist Robert Roberts

Gov. McDonnell described as aware of gifts from Virginia businessman:

No, NO bribes, NO favors, only "gifts".

Government Graft, Corruption, and Retaliation in Democrat-Run Virginia:

Virginia Law Shields Police From Transparency:

Virginia: The story behind the F score for corruption:

Under the "Lax Virginia Ethics Law," there is no cap on the amount of gifts an elected official can receive, so long as all gifts valued at more than $50 are disclosed annually. Moreover, any gifts to spouses and immediate family members are not counted as gifts to the official:

House of Delegates Dave Albo and Supreme Court Regarding Judge Review. Virginia legislator Dave Albo did not follow the Virginia Supreme Court order in an oversight hearing where the legislator-lawyers "approve" the judges. In Virginia, House Delegates who appoint judges often appear before those same judges -- creating a clear conflict of interest.

Who is going to develop state wide accountability for judicial officers in VA? All of us are aware that a court has to follow procedural guidelines mandated by law. They frequently don't and we end up with malicious and malevolent rulings that have devastating consequences. The public has a right to hold their judicial officers and their Courts that they pay for as taxpayers accountable.

Have more examples of NO corruption in VA?

Virginia clearly cannot handle self-government. Corruption is out of control. Federal government intervention is needed. https://petitions.whitehouse.g...

Update: Impressive record of the Arlington County Board

Vornado/Charles E. Smith, a division of Vornado Realty Trust | "I urge you to perform a thorough investigation of Vornado." -- Sincerely,William J. Walczak Candidate, Mayor of Boston

The board agreed to Vornado/Charles E. Smith's plans to build as much as 1.8 million square feet of commercial space on nine acres of vacant land, one of the largest undeveloped parcels close to downtown Washington (PenPlace)

Chris Zimmerman's consulting clients and "Smart Growth" "irregularities":

No Arlington has NO 'Taj Mahals', NOT AT ALL, only a $1 mil bus stop as tip of an iceberg. Building 'Taj Mahals' with Taxpayer Money

VA Ol' Boy Network @VAOldBoyNetwork

Corruption in Arlington, Va

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