Monday, July 22, 2019
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Grab Your Surfboard, Dems, a Wave Could Be Coming

by Brendan Lilly, crossposted at medium. Yesterday was the first quantifiable measure of what’s been happening since Donald Trump was elected President. People are angry. That...

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Reserve your space now for final month of the 2017 election on the top progressive political blog in Virginia. With a geographically and politically...

Democrats Incessant Need for Distraction & Self-Harm

Democrats currently face an enormous challenge of uniting a party that is hurt, angry, fractured and disoriented. The one uniting goal on the horizon...


by Brendan What in the hell is NARAL Virginia doing? You may have seen their ads on Blue Virginia attacking Bernie Sanders on abortion which seem...

Del. Kathy Byron (VA-22) Puts Comcast Over Constituents

Joining Comcast and Verizon in their effort to limit broadband options for Virginians, Del. Kathy Byron has introduced a new bill in the Virginia Legislature...
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