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New RICK! Yo-Yos, Price Reductions on NEWT!s and MITT!s

Former U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum's under-funded, on-again/off-again, up-and-down candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination was on the upswing for a while, and that made many of the GOP's more conservative faction very happy until just recently.

However, Santorum's political fortunes have been up and down for years, and his election to the U. S. House of Representatives in 1990 and 1992 and to the Senate in 1994 and 2000 can be contrasted against his catastrophic 41/59% loss to Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. in 2006, one of the greatest defeats ever for an incumbent Pennsylvania U. S. Senator.

Rick has also been up and down - and involved in significant controversies - in regard to several major issues during the past couple of decades, including the teaching of evolution vs. intelligent design in Pennsylvania's public schools, the privatized funding of Social Security, being first pro-choice and later pro-life, women's rights, and questioning the administration of the National Weather Service vs. paid private weather services.

In 2008, after being an early Mitt Romney supporter, Santorum endorsed John McCain for president when McCain chose former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, saying that it was the right thing to do.

After winning GOP presidential caucuses in several states and losing in others more recently, Santorum was running nearly even with presumed front-runner Mitt Romney in the national polls, and he's still well ahead of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Yes, Rick Santorum appears to be equally worthy of yo-yo status, so we are now making available this "Always Right RICK!" item for your continued amusement and enjoyment.

In recognition of his underfunded campaign, we are offering the "RICK!" yo-yo at only $7.99 including handling and shipping to any state in this great nation.  

To keep the political playing field level, we have reduced the prices on our "NEWT!" yo-yos and "MITT!" blue-chip, flip-flop coins to $7.99 as well, so please order yours today while collectible, limited supplies last.

(Dimensions:  2" diameter, 1.5" width)
WARNING:  Choking Hazard; Small Parts, NOT for Children Under 5

To order a RICK! yo-yo, please go to:

To order a NEWT! yo-yo, please go to:

To order two MITT! blue-chip, flip-flop coins, please go to:


“MITT!” Blue Chip Flip-Flop Coins!

Republican presidential front-runner and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been accused of flip-flopping on many issues, including but not limited to immigration, the Bush tax cuts, Ronald Reagan's legacy, the NRA and gun ownership, global warming, "don't ask, don't tell" and same sex marriage, stem cell research, universal health care, no-tax pledges, and abortion rights.

To make it easier for you to determine what might be Mitt's position on any of these or other major issues, we are offering you the services of the blue poker chip "MITT!" that you can flip - or flop - to determine what he might say or do next.  Appropriately, one side of the coin says "FLIP!" and the other side says "FLOP!"

Why not invest in a couple of blue-chip flip-floppers of your own?  We now know that much of Mitt's income appears to be coming from blue chip stock investment dividends on which he pays less than 15% income tax.  You need to get in on this action...

That's right!  For only $9.99 - including handling and shipping to any state in this great nation - you can own two of your very own flip-flopping "MITT!" blue chips for hours of fun and relaxation, and for getting at the truth, or a lie.

Order yours today by clicking on this link:

Not affiliated with any candidate or political party.



“NEWT!” Yo-Yos!

Newt Gingrich's personal and political fortunes have been up and down for decades, like a nuclear-powered pogo stick, like a kangaroo on steroids, or like a yo-yo...

UP!  From humble beginnings in south central Pennsylvania, Gingrich earned a Ph.D. and taught college history before being elected to the U. S. Congress in 1978, later serving as Speaker of the House and being named Time's "Man of the Year" in 1995.

DOWN!  However, after being disciplined by the House of Representatives for an ethics violation and fined $300,000 in 1997, followed by poor Republican electoral results in 1998, Gingrich resigned from Congress after having just been re-elected to his 11th term.

UP!  Twelve years later, having enjoyed many career and financial successes since leaving Congress, Gingrich was thought to be the top Republican presidential candidate, and he began his official quest for the office in May, 2011 as the GOP's front-runner.

DOWN!  However, by the end of June, 2011, most of Gingrich's key campaign staff members had resigned, and it appeared that his presidential aspirations were at an end, even though he vowed to fight on...

UP!  By December, 2011, with other candidates dropping out of the race, Gingrich once again emerged as the GOP's top presidential prospect in many national polls.

DOWN!  In January, 2012, Gingrich finished a distant fourth in the Iowa presidential caucuses and earned a dismal fifth place finish in New Hampshire.

UP!  However, as other candidates stepped aside, Gingrich won the South Carolina Republican presidential primary handily over second-place finisher Mitt Romney.

DOWN!  But then, Gingrich lost by a significant margin to Mitt Romney in the Florida Republican presidential primary on January 31!

What's next for Newt Gingrich?  It's anybody's guess, but whether he's up or down, you can bet that Newt will be around for the long haul, vowing to stay in the Republican presidential race until their convention in Miami in August.

Therefore, to commemorate Gingrich's resiliency and his roller-coaster life - and in further recognition of his endorsement by "Mr. 999" himself - we offer you a little piece of political history, the authentic, official, original, collectible "NEWT!" toy yo-yo for only $9.99 including handling and shipping to any state in this great nation.  

Whether a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or an Other, if you're UP with Newt, you can customize your "NEWT!" by marking out DOWN on it, and if you're DOWN with him, you can mark out UP on it.  Order your genuine "NEWT!" today while limited supplies last!  Go to:

Not affiliated with any candidate or political party.  

“Farm Team” Directs Mumpower Campaign

Hello, everyone!  First and foremost, let's all be sure to do everything possible on Election Day, tomorrow - Tuesday, January 11 - to elect Ginger Mumpower to the House of Delegates 8th District seat in the Virginia General Assembly.

Her opponent's recent loss of his original Roanoke Times endorsement could be an important factor in tomorrow's election, as will predictions of snow and freezing rain on an election that will most likely produce very low voter turnout.

Therefore, if you live in the 8th HOD district - which consists of most of southern and western Roanoke County and Salem City - then most likely you can vote for Ginger Mumpower tomorrow.  

If not, you can always help by offering rides to the polls, talking with friends and relatives who do live in the 8th HOD district, continuing to make telephone calls, etc., so please be sure to click on this link to Ginger's campaign website:

Regardless, Ginger's campaign is deeply indebted to Mary Sue Terry's state-wide "Farm Team" organization, which assumed most of the responsibility for the campaign's direction and focus via northern Virginia's Susan Platt, has donated much time and money to the effort and, locally, has placed Dawn Erdman and Linda Wyatt in charge of their activities here in the Roanoke Valley.

Win, lose or draw, the "Farm Team" has assumed much ownership - and has certainly been directly and integrally involved - in the Ginger Mumpower campaign for Virginia's 8th District House of Delegates election.

Again, please be sure to do all that you can tomorrow to help get out the vote for Ginger.



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