Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Winning on Education

During the 2011 elections, it was well documented here on Blue Virginia what the true goals of GOP majorities in the state legislature would be. And, true to form, they’ve delivered on their agenda of suppressing voting rights, jeopardizing women’s health, discriminating against the LGBT community, and sacrificing public safety on behalf of the gun lobby. What adds insult to injury is that, while we wait to see if there are any limits to the GOP’s extremism, we’re not even bothering to have a discussion about issues that voters told me meant the most to them and their families. Chief among these concerns was education. This is an issue in desperate need of leadership by Democrats right now. Gov. McDonnell’s budget proposal continues to erode our Commonwealth’s commitment to public education from kindergarten through college, providing no new investment in our classrooms and using education funds to pay for roads.

LeMunyon’s Lemon

I thought it worth commenting on Jim LeMunyon's bill to shift the responsibility for toll increases on the Dulles toll road to the Loudoun and Fairfax County Boards.

The article is here:

I think everyone in Loudoun would agree that we need lower tolls on the Dulles Toll Road.  But, we also all want the Silver Line in Loudoun. So how do we balance the two priorities to make sure everyone can make it home for dinner on time for the foreseeable future?  

In his haste to shift the political blame in an election year for the currently untenable schedule of toll increases to the local boards, LeMunyon fails to articulate any strategic vision for how the state continues to fund its portion of the Silver Line. Ultimately both the toll road and the Silver Line are key parts to building a better transportation future in the county.

This is the typical Richmond GOP...use the specter of 'tax increases' to scare voters and score political points while conveniently avoiding any responsibility for filling the void with any creative solutions that can provide long term relief.

Ending Marshall Law

Bob Marshall reminded us yet again today that our constitutional rights end where his insecurities and bigoted attitudes begin.

Bob's flimsy, state-based legal challenge to Congress' inspired (if long overdue) reversal of DADT should remind us once again that his goal in applying the latest tenet of Marshall Law is to make sure that we can have our personal freedoms, as long we look, act, and think like Bob.  The government should stay out of our lives, unless Bob disapproves of them.  In which case, no document is sacred.

Though it's easy to see through the cheap political ploy behind his argument, he also completely ignores the critical fact that, in addition to Congress and a majority of the American public, the people in position to make the best judgment on DADT's reversal on our military strategy--the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and our ground commanders--also support it.  But, why let facts get in the way of scare tactics.

As Bob continues his crusade of cruelness, Loudouners continue to receive but a fraction of the money we send to Richmond each year.  And, as this article from last week's Leesburg Today shows, Bob has no intentions of applying the same creativity that he uses to rob people of their personal freedoms to fix our transportation issues again this year.

Ending Marshall Law is what has motivated me to declare my candidacy for the the House of Delegates in the 13th district in 2011.  I need your help! You can follow my campaign by following me on Twitter @MikeKforVA.  You can donate  here.  

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