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EMILY’s List Announces EMpower

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On Thursday, June 17th 2010, EMILY's List announced a new program called EMpower. We were filming WIN's 21st Annual Women Opening Doors for Women, where Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY's List, announced the new program:

[LIVE] DC4D Candidate Meet N’ Greet

(I know this isn't about VA, thought folks here might be interested in the races across the river)

Tonight, at 6:00pm (EST) we are fortunate to be filming DC for Democracy's pre-endorsement candidate meet n' greet with numerous candidates for DC's Democratic Primaries. You can find bios on all the candidates that will be attending at our 2010 DC Primary Elections page.

(This is the full recording of the live broadcast, we'll post short clips for candidates on our bio pages)

Video from K Street Protest

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Yesterday, despite the persistant rain, thousands of people showed up on K Street in Washington, DC to protest the actions and lobbying efforts of big banks and to demand economic justice. The Washington Post is comparing the anger to what we have seen at Teaparty protests.

Interview with Neil Franklin of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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On Friday, May 14th 2010, I got the chance to sit down with Neill Franklin, the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Neill Franklin, LEAP's incoming executive director, is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent more than two decades with the Maryland State Police (leading the drug division's education and training) and then moved to Baltimore PD. Like a character from HBO's "The Wire," Neill could tell you stories of colleagues being gunned down in the line of fire, as he did in this Washington Post op-ed.

Full, Unedited Interview (highlight clips below the fold)

[UPDATED @ noon] National Nurses United Rally for Nursing-Ratio Limits

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About 1,000 nurses, with a handful of doctors mixed in, rallied today on Capitol Hill for National Nurses Week to "press the case for moving beyond insurance reform to improving the quality of care in U.S. hospitals and other healthcare settings."

Green Thoughts: Green Jobs for Green Days

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With a poor economy, new technology offers the ability to create new jobs as well as progression for companies large and small.  Combining this with the global need for clean energy creates a viable opportunity for economic alleviation.  

To continue our "Green Thursdays", here are some clips from a panel at the 2010 PA Progressive Summit, held this last January in Harrisburg, PA.  Michael Fedor, the Pennsylvania state director for Repower America, and Adam Graber, PennEnvironment, discuss the current job environment and how clean energy "green jobs" are essential for the future for most companies.

In the first video, Fedor (along side Adam Garber) explains the realistic ways green jobs can fix unemployment.   Once more green jobs have been established, Fedor in the second video describes the ways green jobs can become green careers.  In the final video, Fedor illustrates how to make Pennsylvania the leading green jobs state in the nation.

For more info on the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit and it's organizer, Keystone progress, please go to and

The Need for More Women In Office and How to Make It Happen

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Who needs women in office?  Everyone.

That was the title of one of the more powerful panels held at this year's Pennsylvania Progressive Summit, in Harrisburg, PA.  Sam Bennett, Women's Campaign Forum President/CEO and former congressional candidate, led the panel discussion which previewed several of the state's female candidates and elected officials.  Largely discussing the various ways to get more women into public office, the candidates shared their personal stories on why they chose to run for office, how to personally fund your campaign, and discussed the reasons why more women in office is "essential to the health of our nation".

In the first two videos, Sam Bennett and other panelists outline the major points on why we need more women in public office.  In the third video, Lois K. Herr illustrates how to support other women in running for office.  The final video offers advice on ways to support your own campaign, especially if its your first.

See all the videos through

For more videos from the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit, go to For more info on the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit and it's organizer, Keystone progress, please go to and

Control & Tax: Legalization of Cannabis

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On Friday, April 23rd 2010, I got the chance to sit down with Dale Sky Clare, the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University and the Spokesperson for Control and Tax Cannabis 2010. We talked about the upcoming ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in California.

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