Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Perriello’s PAC for 16 New Delegates Speaks to Economic Opportunity, Inclusion,...

By Will Driscoll Tom Perriello’s new PAC to fund the re-election of Virginia’s 16 new state delegates--13 of whom have pledged not to accept funds...

The Case for Perriello is Stronger than the Washington Post Article...

The Washington Post article that Lowell includes in today’s news summary is quite informative. But in some crucial ways it’s also misleading. The article does a...

Democratic Unity Going into 2013?

In reading Lowell's diary discussing the possibility that Tom Perriello is being "groomed" for statewide office in Virginia, I had my own reaction, which was that such a notion disrupts what I've been feeling the last several months: Democratic unity going into 2013.

Labor Day, Not George Allen’s Cup of Tea?

A fearful reaction to labor unrest is this day, Labor Day. Strategically placed at the opposite end of the summer from the internationally celebrated May Day, so as not to be linked with the Haymarket massacre, it was an effort by the Cleveland administration to quell American domestic labor tension.

Today, Labor Day is celebrated by most as the "official" end of the summer without a clue as to the origins. Speeches and political demonstrations are more subdued than the May Day celebrations in other countries, but unions often feature political themes and appearances by candidates for office. Interestingly,
Senator Webb kicks off the day in Buena Vista at a Democratic breakfast
; a hopeful sign for those wondering if he will seek a second term; he won't make the parade because he's off to support Congressman Perriello in other venues.

George Allen, the Republican pretender, does not seem to have an engagement for the day; or he's reluctant to announce it. Maybe he'll be on horseback at the Buena Vista Labor Day parade. Or, maybe he is spending the day rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic. I anxiously anticipate his celebration of the origin of Labor Day.