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Perriello’s PAC for 16 New Delegates Speaks to Economic Opportunity, Inclusion, and Healing


By Will Driscoll

Tom Perriello’s new PAC to fund the re-election of Virginia’s 16 new state delegates–13 of whom have pledged not to accept funds from Dominion Energy–reprises key themes from last year’s elections.

To address the economic struggles of working class and poor families, the New Virginia Way PAC “will support leaders who advance bold solutions to the future of work,” so that “empowered workers” can “make ​enough to support a family in an era of escalating automation, monopoly, and inequality.”

Reflecting a theme of inclusion, the PAC’s co-chairs are mostly young and diverse, while a fundraising email notes “What we really saw in November was a turning of the tide toward a new generation of more inclusive, just, and democratic politics. This was not an anomaly; it was an awakening, and New Virginia Way is going to have the backs of the bold candidates who are demanding a new and better way.”

And echoing Perriello’s diplomatic background, the PAC will advance “‘Liberty and justice for all,’ regardless of race, gender, orientation or country of origin,” including “support for creative approaches to racial justice, truth, and healing.”

A fundraising email from the PAC requests donations of “$16 for 16”—the number of new delegates elected last year.  A forthcoming project, “Monopoly is Not a Game,” is promised.

The PAC has been launched with remaining funds from Perriello’s campaign for Governor.


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