Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Running Republican While Black


Frame it any way you want: Black at the Beach is a tough political road. Tanya Bullock self-identifies as Republican. Though there are city council "districts," every voter votes in every race. Meanwhile, local political leadership demonstrates prejudice and tolerates the prejudiced. Tanya Bullock failed election during Rigell's overwhelming win.
  • What does Tanya Bullock's performance at the polls tell us?
  • Does the insensitive leadership of the RPVB manifest the social outlook of the Virginia Beach electorate?
  • Is that general social outlook reflected in an electoral system that makes it virtually impossible for a black candidate to prevail in local races?
Tanya Bullock is a Virginia Beach attorney. She was endorsed by Governor Bob McDonnell, a fellow Regent University Law School alumnus. She happens to be black. After last week, she might be wondering who her constituency is.

Republicans are not good at math (see the McDonnell ABC disaster), so this might wear on them a bit. That's why a picture is worth a thousand words and millions of calculations. This graph is not cherry-picked. It is representative: the first 10 of 95 precincts. The remainder of the data follows below the fold. At first glance what you see appears to say that Tanya doesn't know who her constituency is. Barbara Henley was the Democrats' candidate. Councilwoman Henley is white. Apparently a lot of Republicans (and Modern Whigs) preferred her for some reason.