Monday, April 6, 2020
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GOP/Tea Party Blind Date Ends Tuesday

Next week the relationship will have had its defining moment. Has the Tea Party earned a peck on the cheek, a lingering kiss, or an invitation inside by the Republicans? The GOP had its way with the baggers early on and now must wonder if changing its number is prudent.
"The increasingly powerful Tea Party is clearly anti-Cantor, claiming that he's just another big-spending Main Street Republican." - Peter Galuszka in the Washington Post (emphasis added)
The bloom will be off the rose. One thing is certain, there will be a hangover; the intoxicants have been on the cheap. Whether or not there are other gifts that keep on giving will carry a lingering doubt. The call to arms by any of a variety of shady "grassroots" groups is building to a Tuesday crescendo. The call to arms for these Johnny come lately "patriots" and constitutional fundamentalists to provide the leverage to redeem the Republic from Democratic tyranny has emboldened this novice political army. Beyond the headache, Republicans should anticipate a bothersome drip, drip, drip of expectations.  

Oh! The Inhumanity!

Last week, William Rivers Pitt took on those he calls "sick bastards." The so-called Values Voters had just met.  They patted each other on the back, and atta-boyed and -girled each other.  The confab was populated with those believing themselves to be singularly virtuous.  However, they do not know the meaning of it. And so Pitt took his gloves off with the likes of Huckabee. So will I. You see, they define virtue very narrowly, along social conservative lines, which has little resemblance to virtue. No inconvenient or contradictory ideas are entertained.  No needy person need apply for sympathy (or, God, forbid, medical care).  No sick person deserves anything but to fend for themselves.  Think I exaggerate?  Keep reading.  

Unhinged by the right

originally written for Daily Kos.  Crossposted at Lowell's request

The video you have just seen, at least the first minute thereof, is a campaign ad for Rick Barber for the Republican runoff for the opportunity to oppose 1st term Democrat Bobby Bright in AL-02 (Bright won in '08 by 1,766 votes).

Ruth Marcus has this op ed in today's Washington Post, which has the same title as this diary, and which caused me to go find the video of the ad to be sure people saw it.  

Let me offer a few excerpts from her column, and a few words of my own.

Joey Reynolds’ Cancellation In Context

The demographic drawn to talk radio is somewhat pedestrian. Quality interviews and diverse opinions are often not their cups of tea. Many want entertainment that reassures them they have a purpose and importance. As a result, programming like the Joey Reynolds show is displaced by alien abduction intercessor George Noory.

If you have never enjoyed hearing Joey Reynolds conduct an interview or gotten to know the cast of regular characters and features on his show, you have missed a bet. You might have because he filled the overnight slot on stations whose audiences have shifted during the past decade; they may not be your stations. The archives of his shows on his former flagship, WOR in New York, offer proof of his wide ranging ability to elicit the best from any subject. From Leslie Uggams to Curtis Sliwa, from the Gay Hour to the Jewish Hour to music variety hours, the discussion was engaging and informative. But none of that is what appeals to and sustains the most lucrative radio demographic.

#epicfail: GOP Blames Dems for Its Own Failure(s)


I just got through tweeting this morning that it's "Another day 4 Repubs to ridiculously blame problems (of the US and the world) rooted in Bushco on Obama. & claim they "kept us safe." ;-) "  And, sure enough, here we go...

With great fanfare,  they rolled out their effort to take back Congress this year and the White House in 2012. It was to begin with town halls all over the country, with the usual tired cast of characters (John McCain, Sarah Palin and others).  Michael Steele seemed to shoot himself in the foot every time he had the chance. And one GOP elected after another just made stuff up, bragged about obstruction, and inflamed the so-called Tea Party fringe.

Now comes word from Huffington Post that the GOP has suspended its "rebranding effort"!  This is a major defeat for Eric Cantor, who has a knack for playing stupid.  (Again, how exactly did he get his law degree?)

Said Huffington Post:

Cantor's office told CQ the "relentless attacks from the left" were to blame, but most high-profile criticisms of the effort to make Republicans seem more moderate came from figures within the party itself -- Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele and Mike Huckabee, among others -- and the Republican base.

BWAHAHAHAHAH!  As usual Dems are "to blame," for everything, even what the GOP messed up during its own rule.  Now we are responsible for running/ruining THEIR party too?  

Meg Whitman’s Fake Town Hall


E-Bay auctioneer CEO and billionaire Meg Whitman is trying to buy the governorship of California with many millions of her own money.  This week we learned about the extent she will go to do that.  It turns out that Meg Whitman produced a fake town hall to use in lieu of a real one for an info-mercial.  The whole thing was staged. She planted attendees, planted questions, and even planted the cheering, as the video below the fold shows.

The Face that Launched A Thousand Days of Nothing


After everything that happened on their watch in 2007, this is the extent of their contribution?  After all their buck-passing and blame-shifting for what they did, now Mitch McConnell thinks this is how they should lead?  Huffington Post reports that 41 Republicans will block ANY debate on financial reform.  

There it is for all the world to see.  They spin bad-fiction about whatever the issue is.  They seed all manner of hate against the president. They incite (and actually are behind) tea-ranters.  And then they do this to the American people.  For more on this story, please go here.

Radical “Right” Undermining Our Government

What ever happened to moderate Republicans?  That was the title of an American Prospect article in 2007. There certainly are none left in Congress.  Lately, however, radical conservative GOPhers have really found their stride doing what they do best, obstruction and destruction.  They've outdone their former rancid rants over any Democratic administration in the past fifty years.  They will undo, unravel, destroy, any Democrat by any means necessary.  And they will especially do so when the Democrat is the president.  You see, the unitary executive was only for Republicans. When Dems are in office, it's take-down time.  When Repugs serve (serve being a loose term because they think voters serve them and not the other way around), watch out. Here's just a small sampler of how bad it has become.  I'll start with obstructions and dismantling of government as we know it.  Then I'll list some of their more radical efforts:

• John Kyl has vowed to filibuster any nomination to the US Supreme Court (he did this, not upon hearing an specific choice, but rather almost as soon as Obama was elected).  
• John McCain has vowed to do nothing and cooperate zero with anything the administration does.  Imagine, a former presidential contender (and former "maverick--having falsely claimed that as his meme, he now denies he ever was one) now acting as if there is no legitimate purpose to the presidency--or the US senate.
• The same man who "counseled" John Ensign is holding the unemployed and flood victims hostage.

There's more below the fold...