Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Douglass Pummels Hurt in Monday Night Debate

I attended the debate between Robert Hurt and John Douglass in Warrenton. One of the questions asked of the candidates was: "Please describe to us the most difficult decision you have made while holding a leadership position and how that bolsters or helps us understand your qualifications to serve in Congress?"

Robert Hurt spoke extensively about being a citizen legislator in the Virginia General Assembly, how two months out of the year he debated public policy, maintaining his successful law practice, and living on Main Street with his family in Chatham. He effectively related his pride in participating in that process. Then he said the most difficult decision he and his wife had made was to run for Congress. He never said he was proud of his work in Washington. He did, however, say, "The burdens of a job like this are hard on a young family."

General Douglass spoke eloquently about preparing and sending soldiers into harms way as a young officer and how his decisions directly affected peoples' lives. Becoming emotional, Gen. Douglass related to the audience about how difficult it was to tell those young 18- and 19-year old soldiers to "lock and load," and "son, get out there on point," knowing they might not return because they could be harmed. How he visited those hurt in the hospital. His final statement in the answer, "So politics is a piece of cake, compared to that."  

5th District CD Race is Over!

There have been several posts on Blue Virginia about the 5th CD Race. Much of the dialogue has been critical of the Williams campaign for not withdrawing or conceding before the Caucus process was completed. I, personally, took up for Peyton Williams and his campaign and asked that we as Democrats not criticize before the process played out.

On Monday, the final caucuses were held. The outcome was overwhelming: One hundred eighty-nine (189) delegates were elected for John Douglass, twenty-three (23) for Peyton Williams, and another sixteen (16) uncommitted according to a Charlottesville Daily Progress article on April 24. The caucuses are over. The only act left to complete is the actual vote at the Convention on May 19.  Mr. Williams cannot change the outcome of that vote. The Delegates are bound to vote for their declared candidate on the first ballot...thereby selecting John Douglass as the Dem candidate for the 5th CD.

Redistricting leads to shakeups in Central Virginia Congressional Races

The recent dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the GOP-led redistricting of Virginia's congressional seats has Democrats in Central Virginia scrambling to adjust their campaigns to the new boundaries.  

In the 7th District, candidates who had been courting Democratic Committees in Page, Rappahannock, and Madison Counties are shifting their attention eastwards to parts of Spotsylvania and New Kent Counties as the first three counties named were dropped from the 7th CD and all or a portion of the other two were added.  In terms of party affiliation and performance there seems to be little difference between the old and new 7th, but there are a few voters in the new 7th that don't know Eric Cantor except through his recent high profile obstructionism, and that could work to the benefit of the Democratic challenger.

The situation in the neighboring 5th Congressional District may soon become complicated because of some opportunistic forum shopping by Northern Virginia Democrat John Douglass.  A retired brigadier general turned lobbyist, Douglass had been conducting a vigorous campaign in the 10th Congressional District to challenge Republican incumbent Frank Wolf.  Then one of Douglass' homes was redistricted into the 5th Congressional District and Douglass now seems to be mulling a switch to the 5th.  Douglass might be afraid of taking on a veteran incumbent like Frank Wolf, seeing the 5th's current incumbent, freshman Robert Hurt, as an easier target.

Frank Wolf Gets a Strong Challenger?


I had a chance to meet General John Douglass a couple weeks ago, and was very impressed. I definitely feel like he's a strong challenger to Frank Wolf, aka the rubber stamp for John Boehner and Eric Can'tor's radical, right-wing agenda in the House of Representatives. Clearly, 2012 should be the year that Frank Wolf is sent to a well-deserved retirement, and replaced by someone like General John Douglass. Anyway, check out the press release and well-made video and see what you think.
Our country is under tremendous stress.  But too many in Washington are playing political games instead of facing up to the challenges of jobs, energy, transportation, education, health care, national security, and more.

I've served this nation for over three decades. I've served presidents of both parties.  I rose to the rank of General because I have a proven record of standing up, taking on the tough fights, and winning them.

That's why I've decided to run for Congress. I hope that you'll join me.

This won't be easy.  My opponent has been in Congress for decades, getting a free pass for too long.  As I've talked with my neighbors throughout Virginia's 10th district, I've heard them loud and clear: It's time for an independent voice and a focus on practical solutions to our nation's challenges.

We face grave challenges.  But when it comes to America, failure is not an option.

Here's what you can do:  Watch my announcement video and share it with your friends.  Visit JohnDouglassForCongress.com to learn more and endorse my candidacy.  Make a financial donation to kick off our campaign.  Share your ideas with me on Facebook.

There's a long road ahead.  And today, we take the first step.


Brigadier General John Douglass (ret.)