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5th District CD Race is Over!


There have been several posts on Blue Virginia about the 5th CD Race. Much of the dialogue has been critical of the Williams campaign for not withdrawing or conceding before the Caucus process was completed. I, personally, took up for Peyton Williams and his campaign and asked that we as Democrats not criticize before the process played out.

On Monday, the final caucuses were held. The outcome was overwhelming: One hundred eighty-nine (189) delegates were elected for John Douglass, twenty-three (23) for Peyton Williams, and another sixteen (16) uncommitted according to a Charlottesville Daily Progress article on April 24. The caucuses are over. The only act left to complete is the actual vote at the Convention on May 19.  Mr. Williams cannot change the outcome of that vote. The Delegates are bound to vote for their declared candidate on the first ballot…thereby selecting John Douglass as the Dem candidate for the 5th CD.

I applaud Peyton Williams for stepping forward to seek the nomination. I know that Williams was disappointed when John Douglass decided to run in the 5th instead of the 10th District when redistricting moved Douglass’ home into the 5th.  I realize that when Williams made his announcement he thought he was the only candidate in the race.  I am also sure he still feels he is the best candidate to defeat Robert Hurt.

I understand Williams’ disappointment in the results. I understand him needing a day or two to come to the realization that the race is over.   Peyton Williams is a good guy, a gentleman, a veteran, and cousin of Robert Hurt, but he clearly lost the 5th’s Democratic race. Williams’ goal in the beginning of this process was to defeat Robert Hurt. I am hopeful that Williams still believes that we need to remove Robert Hurt from office. It is time for our party to unite behind John Douglass. It is time for Mr. Williams to concede.


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