Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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A little girl who cared

Bear with me. I am going to share 3 paragraphs, and then explain.

In the midst of this grim summer, my faith in humanity has been restored by the saga of Rachel Beckwith. She could teach my generation a great deal about maturity and unselfishness - even though she's just 9 years old, or was when she died on July 23.

Rachel lived outside Seattle and early on showed a desire to give back. At age 5, she learned at school about an organization called Locks of Love, which uses hair donations to make wigs for children who have lost their own hair because of cancer or other diseases. Rachel then asked to have her long hair shorn off and sent to Locks of Love.

"She said she wanted to help the cancer kids," her mother, Samantha Paul, told me. After the haircut, Rachel announced that she would grow her hair long again and donate it again after a few years to Locks of Love. And that's what she did.

This is from Rachel's Last Fundraiser, a column this morning by Nicholas Kristof.   I have now quoted all I am going to quote.

You should read the entire column, then the rest of this diary will be unnecessary, and I will be more than happy.

In case I haven't persuaded you, please keep reading.  If you have read the column, feel welcome to keep reading.