Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Coffee Party Poll: 73% Support Health Care Reform With Public Option


The Coffee Party USA - now with 170,000 Facebook fans, by the way - is out with results from its first straw poll, this one on health care reform.  The results are striking: 73% support health care reform but would strongly prefer that it include a public option, while another 17% support the current health care reform  bill (without a public option). Only 8% of Coffee Party poll respondents outright oppose the current health care reform bill. In sum, we're starting to see the ideological outlines of "Coffee Party" membership, and at least after the poll on health care reform, it's looking highly progressive.  

P.S. Needless to say, I presume that a similar poll of "Tea Party" members would come up with wildly different results.

Charlottesville, VA Coffee Party Interview with Eric Byler


Eric Byler is interviewed by a Charlottesville TV station on Saturday, March 13, in Charlottesville on Coffee Party National Kick-off Day. According to the Coffee Party USA website, there were more than 350 coffee party meetings in 44 states on Saturday.  In addition, there are now 159,000 fans on the Coffee Party Facebook page, compared to 111,991 fans for the largest Tea Party Facebook page. Not bad for a 100% grassroots movement that's just a few weeks old!

UPDATE: See the FiveThirtyEight interview with Annabel. Among other things, she talks about how Organizing for America doesn't "inspire" her. I agree, maybe it has something to do with the fact that OFA is 100% establishment, part of the - yaaaaaaawwwwwn - DNC?