Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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State Senator Dave Marsden: Virginia Leads The Way In Protecting Consumer...

by State Sen. Dave Marsden Earlier this week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed my Senate bill SB 1392 and HB 2307 - the Consumer Data...

Virginia Republicans Vote to Block Enhanced Consumer Internet Privacy Protections; Constituents...

First off, there's a lot of misinformation out there (some of which is being spread by Republican Congresscrooks who voted earlier this week to...

The New Rule 41: Search Warrants Gone Too Far?

SPONSORED CONTENT By Thomas Soldan Thomas Soldan is a criminal defense and injury attorney at Price Benowitz LLP’s Leesburg Office. Mr. Soldan is an experienced litigator...

37 Attorneys General Sign Google Privacy Policy Letter — But Where’s...

Attorney General Cuccinelli is nothing if not consistent.  The man never misses an opportunity to score points with the Tea Party crowd, even when it means going to the extreme of assaulting the Commonwealth's most prominent university until getting laughed out of the state Supreme Court.  

But when it comes to using the considerable powers of his office to actually help Virginia consumers?  Then Cuccinelli is harder to find than an ivory-billed woodpecker.  You can almost randomly choose an issue of real concern to everyday Virginians and you're guaranteed to find our Ayatollah General missing in action.

So today, let's pick -- on-line privacy.  Recently, under the auspices of the National Association of Attorney Generals, 37 AGs signed a letter to Google expressing concern that its new privacy policy "forces...consumers to allow information across all these products to be shared, without giving them the proper opportunity to opt out."

This strongly worded letter properly sends a message to an immensely powerful corporation that it needs to take the interests and concerns of consumers seriously.  But it is not just signed by Democratic AGs or those from more progressive Northern or West Coast states.   The list includes the AGs of North Carolina, North Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and even Guam.  Just not Virginia.

Comstock’s Resolution Honoring Bork Demonstrates She is Too Extreme for Northern...


Lately, Barbara Comstock has taken to declaring how she is focused on supposedly sensible, bipartisan solutions for Northern Virginia, a strange posture for the woman who headed the RNC’s effort to destroy Vice President Al Gore’s reputation and was a close associate of the infamous Monica Goodling – of DOJ US Attorney scandal. For details on this part of Comstock's history, see here.

But as we already know, Barbara Comstock is anything but a moderate. For the gory details of her extreme voting record, see here.

Upon closer scrutiny, Comstock’s record gets even worse: She has identified herself as a dedicated admirer of Judge Robert Bork, one of the most extreme arch-conservative legal thinkers, whose views were so far out of the mainstream that his Supreme Court nomination was rejected by a 58-42 vote in the 1980s. Comstock was the chief patron of a bill in the House of Delegates, HR 67 honoring Judge Bork – despite his reputation. See here

What makes Bork so extreme that it calls her judgment into question? Based on articles at ThinkProgress  and here, controversial stances Bork has taken include: