Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Will Votergate Come Back to Haunt Cuccinelli?

Watergate started with a third-rate burglary at the Democratic headquarters that got little attention at the time.  The recent arrest of a young Republican operative dumping voter registration forms in the trash has received no more coverage than that.  Maybe it is just an "isolated incident" as the State Board of Elections claims.  But Salon's Brad Friedman builds a compelling case by connecting this dot with others, that we could be witnessing a full-fledged Republican conspiracy to suppress Democratic voter registration through outright election fraud.

That is, to be clear, a theory -- we don't know all the facts yet.  But the reason we have law enforcement officials is to investigate suspicious incidents and prosecute the guilty.  And this brings us to the top legal authority in the state, Attorney General Cuccinelli.

Where is he?  For a couple years now, Republican officials have been wailing about what a problem voter and election fraud are and how we need to act against these threats.  Yet faced with evidence of genuine election fraud happening -- in his very own state -- Cuccinelli is silent.  

BREAKING: Virginia AG Investigates Gingrich Campaign for Alleged Ballot Petition Fraud


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It's so tough for Newt (and some of the other GOP candidates) to get 10,000 signatures! (Snark.   Vermonter Howard Dean could do it, but these guys cannot? Not even Newt from the South?) So sad.  Feel sorry for the whole crew of them (not).

It turns out that, not only have the two GOP frontrunners put in place a massive Democratic voter disenfranchising plan (disenfranchising lawful voters), but also one can act sanguine about an alleged fraud committed by one of his own campaign workers.

Nonetheless, The BRAD BLOG has received confirmation from two different state agencies that the 1,500 alleged cases of ballot petition fraud said to have been carried out on behalf of the Gingrich campaign, in their unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the Republican primary ballot in Virginia, is now being carried out by the Attorney General's office.

The explanation given by Newt was simple.

The former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives downplayed the incident, by explaining to the woman that the entire affair was "just a mistake", after they had "hired somebody who turned in false signatures."

So the State Board of elections (SBE) requested that the AG open an investigation.  The office of the AG has confirmed to Bradblog that such an investigation is underway.