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The Report (Disproving Trickle Down Theory) Which the GOP Didn’t Want...


Now, they tell us!  Just a few days before the election (and after many people have already voted), we learn that the non-partisan Congressional Research Service provided a report in September which the GOP didn't want voters to know about. Indeed they badgered the Congressional Research Service until it pulled the report. But this past week the suppressed report reappeared.

You can find the complete report by going to the first link in the article at the NY Times linked above. The finding was that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of tirckle-down. Tax cuts for the rich do not stimulate the economy. Meanwhile, pretending tht they do has allowed taxes for the 1% to continue to drop over several decades while jobs continue to prove problematic. We have made that case before using other data, but this specifically addressed the proposition and its related variables. I will discuss this report and others more in the coming weeks as the House (if it is still Republican) will try once again  to usher in austerity even while making the rich richer with our money. Meanwhile, I wanted you to have it now.

The Mitt Romney Campaign and the campaigns of all the GOP sound-alikes continue to pitch trickle-down so-called economics.  Elect them, they tell you, and they will cut tax rates for the so-called job-creators, who it turns out aren't job creators.  You knew that.  I knew that.  But too many Americans still buy the economic porn of the Romney's. Check out this report.  Share the article with your friends.  Share other points about the stark choice we have.  It is this: Everyone paying their fair share or the 99% paying for the tax cuts to the rich.  If that were the only reason (and there are a hundred other reasons why to vote for the President), the President has earned your vote.  

Our First Amendment Rights

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, many signs for Democratic candidate Barack Obama were stolen, defaced and/or destroyed. Offices were vandalized with spray-painted epitaphs and rocks thrown through windows. This year we seem to be facing the same insolent behavior by those who oppose President Obama's re-election.  

Our Dem office has been working for the three Dem candidates in the 5th District since July. We've been holding fundraisers, knocking doors, and making phone calls as we do for every election.  At doors, in addition to meeting wonderful supporters, we've been politely asked to leave, told to "Get the he** off my property," and have felt threatened enough to believe we would be physically attacked on an occasion or two.  Some folks have used the bad language about both candidates.  

President Obama speaks to a cheering crowd of 7,500 in Charlottesville

Last night, I watched the Republican National Convention and thought to myself, "Is there an African-American, Latino, Asian or, for that matter, any minority in this audience? It has to be a 99% white." Should I be surprised by that fact?  No. But it is still startling to realize how small the constituency of the Republican Party has become. They have alienated immigrants, and African Americans, and gays, and women. There aren't too many more groups to alienate.

I was excited to have tickets to the Obama Rally in Charlottesville today.  My 15 year-old son, his friend Zach and I headed off to Charlottesville at 10:30 this morning for a projected 3:00 pm speech by the President.  One of the first things I noticed was the make up of the crowd.  There is no question that the President has the support of many, many people from all walks of life....young, old, white, black, Latino, Asian.   It was an audience filled with diversity, but more than diversity, the audience was friendly, humble and helpful.  

We went early enough and were therefore lucky enough to be on the front row with two other Dems from Nelson.  I said to the boys, "You are going to shake the President's hand today."  Of course, they looked at me as though I had two heads and had lost my mind.  We talked to our neighbors, listened, danced to the music and had a great experience.  When someone needed help, folks surrounding them responded.  If someone was walking with a cane, folks created a path, offered an arm.

President Obama’s Recent Visit to Roanoke and the Road We’ve Traveled

As it became clear that President Obama would visit SW Virginia last week, I thought I might be able to see and hear our President. But it was not to be.  Though we had planned to visit SW Virginia for a wedding this past weekend (some of you will recall that my husband and I  moved to NC this past spring), we would not be there for ticket distribution on Wednesday. Later we learned also that the rally would be during the time we would be at the rehearsal dinner. Even should a ticket become available, my priority was clear.  I was in town for the wedding of my dear friend.

Incidentally, the bride has been very active in Democratic Party politics and previously served as Vice-Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. And, so, not surprisingly, a number of fellow Democrats attended the wedding this past Saturday, the day after the President's visit. And a number of them had been to see the President.  

I watched on my iPhone as the photos rolled out. It made me smile to see my friends in the Roanoke Times, on FB and in other friends' photos. At the wedding, you could still see it on their faces.  You could almost tell who gotten to shake the President's hand.  When Elaine's diary appeared on my iPhone I put on my glasses to read the mouse print and delighted in the fact that she was one of them. And I thought, "What a difference four years makes."