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Cathcart Latest DFA-Endorsed Candidate

Freeda Cathcart of Roanoke is the latest Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates to be endorsed by Democracy for America, the PAC that grew out of Howard Dean's presidential run in 2004. Earlier this year, Dean announced a multi-year campaign, Purple to Blue, which will focus on electing Democrats to state legislatures and building grassroots support networks for the candidates. DFA has pledged at least $750,000 to support candidates endorsed in Virginia, as well as a "data-driven campaign" working with grassroots activists and investing in direct mail and media.

In a conference call reported earlier on Blue Virginia, Dean explained an expansion of the initial DFA effort in Virginia, stating, "Now that Republicans have put three anti-woman, anti-working family, right-wing candidates at the top of their ticket, now is the time for Democrats to expand the battleground in Virginia. Democracy for America's Purple to Blue Next Wave program will help seize this opportunity and ensure that smart, people-powered progressive campaigns are making Republicans sweat in every corner of the Old Dominion in November."

Purple to Blue starts this year in Virginia. In 2014 the campaign will focus on legislative candidates in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The efforts will return to Virginia in 2015, when voters will elect both delegates and state senators.

Freeda Cathcart is the Democratic candidate running against Chris Head (R-17). Head supported both the TRAP regulation of abortion clinics intended to drive them out of business and the mandatory ultrasound law passed in Virginia. Cathcart was instrumental in the fight to get approval for midwives to practice in the Commonwealth, as well as working with Sen. John Edwards on the bill to make practitioners notify women with dense breast tissue of options to ordinary mammograms which often miss cancer in those women. She is also the founder of Mothers United against Uranium Mining and has worked with a bi-partisan coalition to keep the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

A recap of other candidates endorsed by DFA 's "Purple to Blue" campaign is below: