Home Local Politics Welcome to 2017, Virginia. It’s Time to Fight for Progress.

Welcome to 2017, Virginia. It’s Time to Fight for Progress.

We can make big gains this year in the commonwealth if we fight for our ideals.


We all need to find the peace necessary to move past the 2016 General Election Cycle and its results. Now that we’re in 2017, Virginia has the opportunity to show the nation that we will not stand idly by and let the forces of hatred, bigotry, fear and regression take hold. Those forces are out to take away the progress we’ve made.

We get the first large-scale electoral answer to the new administration – the Governor’s Mansion, the Lt. Governor’s seat, the Attorney General’s seat, and all 100 House of Delegate districts are up for grabs.

Let’s make sure everyone hears loud-and-clear what our answer is: Virginians stand for progress.

Join Me in the Fight for Progress

I’m running for the 51st District in the House of Delegates. My opponent – Rich Anderson – continuously votes in line with his party rather than with his constituents, and our fellow Virginians are held back because of it. Worse yet, he has only been opposed once since taking office in 2009; that lack of opposition deprives residents a choice in how they should be represented in Richmond.

The district went for Hillary Clinton last year by over 7%, which shows that he’s not only out-of-touch with our needs, but out-of-step with the values of those who live here.

I’m running on a platform of progress for Prince William County and beyond. Progress in our transit system, so we can finally get our fair share of tax dollars to invest in infrastructure. Progress in our criminal justice system, re-orienting toward redemption and rehabilitation. That also means progress in our education system, breaking away from the system of over-testing and ensuring that students who want to take up vocational and technical skills have the ability to do so instead of being railroaded into college debt.

The 51st is a blue district. Let’s make the Republicans aware of that fact.

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Thank you for reading, and I appreciate your support,

Ken A. Boddye, Democratic Candidate for Delegate

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