Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Cantor: Another GOP Embarrassment

(Also posted at Blue Commonwealth)

As if the Virginia Republicans hadn't inflicted enough on the rest of us with the timid, hesitating guy who was elected governor and the fire-breathing wing nut who became attorney general, now we have Rep. Eric Cantor (R-7th), GOP House whip, blaming the Democrats for the crazies that the GOP encouraged and assisted in their campaign to demonize the President of the United States and the health care reform bill.

Now we have the absurdity of Cantor blaming the people who have been victimized by death threats and obscene comments left on answering machines for the hatred the Republican party has only too happily promoted.

Cantor angrily lashed out at several Democratic leaders, accusing them of "dangerously fanning the flames" by blaming the GOP. He said he, too, has also been the recipient of threats.

The incident he was evidently referring to was last week when Cantor's office in Richmond had a window broken by a bullet. Police now believe that someone fired a weapon in the air after hours, and the bullet broke the window as it fell to the earth. It did not even have enough force to penetrate the window's blinds.

(I once had my classroom penetrated by a bullet after school hours. A window was broken and the bullet lodged in the wall opposite the windows. The police determined the bullet was probably fired by vandals with no malice. So, Mr. Cantor, don't worry. Your incident was probably like mine.)

That's not what we are talking about here. We are discussing why Republicans have spent most of this year fanning the fires of extremism and why Eric Cantor would dare to blame the Democrats for it.

Cantor vs. Hoyer on Health Care Reform


For my money, Rep. Hoyer does a far better job explaining where we are on health care reform than Eric Can'tor, who mouths the same, disingenuous Republican talking points as he always does.  I particularly like when Hoyer points out that "deeming" was a procedure used "almost 100 times under Newt Gingrich and over 100 times by Speaker Hastert, which my friend Mr. Cantor supported most of the time if not all the time." But now, all of a sudden, Can'tor argues that it's evil incarnate, as is reconciliation, which Republicans also used many times, including on pieces of major legislation. As I said, "disingenuous." But that's Eric Can'tor and the Republican'ts for you, I guess.

P.S. Less substantively, I believe that even Congressman Can'tor has to admit that Hoyer's much better dressed for St. Patrick's Day. :)