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The Strong Women Who Built Me

by Kellen Squire Mother's Day is, perhaps, the most celebrated- but simultaneously most underappreciated- holiday in the world. Yes, brunch lines are out the door...

It Began in Peace


Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  

This video only speaks of a woman who widened the celebration of mothers.  But before Julia Ward Howe, there was Anne Reeves Jarvis.  In 1858 Anne Reeves Jarvis of Culpepper Virginia founded Mother's Day to honor her own mother.  But Jarvis was no traditional woman (not that there's anything wrong with that--I honor, today and always, all women's choices). But while Jarvis did found Mother's Day to honor her own mother, she had the country and the larger world in mind. Jarvis was, sorry, Glenn Beck, a community organizer and social activist.  In what is now West Virginia, she created Mother's Day Work Clubs to work toward clean water and the reduction of infant mortality.  

Perhaps you'll be surprised that what is now West Virginia became the first state to celebrate Mother's Day.  In 1868 Anne Reeves Jarvis created a post-Civil War reconciliation event called Mother's Friendship Day for those who fought on both sides of the Civil War. She wanted to "reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War." Grown men and women were said to have wept as those who had not spoken for years joined hands.  Family and friends who sometimes had been on opposite sides now had to find ways to move on.