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RedNoVA on Fimian Debate Performance: “it was horrible. I mean…HORRIBLE”

Wow, if this is what Republicans are saying about 11th CD GOP nominee Keith Fimian, I'd hate to hear what independents and Democrats think!  LOL
Following on the suggestion, or rather comment, of a RedNoVA reader, I took the liberty of attending a debate between Keith Fimian and Gerry Connolly.

Let me just say that it was horrible.  I mean...HORRIBLE.  Aside from the mere fact that out of the hundreds of Connolly signs there was not a single Fimian sign, the performance of Keith pushed embarrassing.


I will give Fimian the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe this was just a bad night for him.  But, if this is how he performs regularly, he is in serious trouble in Fairfax County atleast.  Repeating the same talking points over and over and over again is not going to cut it.  The economy here isn't bad enough for him to just ride a wave.  He needs to know specifics, throw out facts, be able to deliver a solid rebuttal to Gerry.

I will also even say that even if Fimian was right on every answer and response, his delivery was just so bad it wouldn't have made a difference anyway. I'm not making a judgement on whether or not he would be a good Member of Congress, but he's a terrible debater.

Hahahahaha, gotta love it. Also hilarious is the comments section, where someone tries to excuse Fimian's performance by offering the novel excuse, "Fimian should know better not to walk into that debacle setup by Chinese Cult sympathizers Connolly and Wolf."  Ahhhh...a "Chinese Cult." I seeeeeee....(rolls eyes).

Fimian: I’m Not “too conservative”; Herrity Will Be at Unity Dinner


On the Kojo Nnamdi Show this Friday, 11th CD Republican nominee Keith Fimian engaged in some unintentional (presumably) hilarity.  First, in response to a question about whether he's "too conservative" for the 11th CD, Fimian - who just finished running in the Republican primary as THE conservative, tea party candidate, pretty much to the right of Attila the Hun - now says that, oh no, he's not too conservative.  Uh huh.

Then, even funnier, is Fimian's eye-rolling praise for Herrity (as a "very fine guy...a beacon of hope in Northern Virginia"), his prediction that Herrity would be at a Republican "unity dinner" last night ("I certainly hope so, I expect that he will"), and his remark that he and Herrity are "very very similar in very many ways."  As to the "beacon of hope" and "very very similar" comments, that's just laughable given the bitter, divisive primary these guys just ran.  Sure, this is politics, but c'mon.  Even more amusing, regarding Fimian's expectation that Herrity would attend the "unity dinner," well...apparently he had better things to do with his time.

Herrity, though, will not be attending the 11th District Republican Committee's "Unity Dinner" Friday night, however. He said he's planning to head to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a family vacation
"This has been a long-scheduled vacation," Herrity said. "I wish I could be [at the dinner]."
In other words, the classic, "spend more time with my family" excuse. Great "unity" you got going there, Mr. Fimian!

By the way, if Fimian was so concerned about having Herrity at this "unity dinner," why didn't he...wait for it...check with Herrity about his schedule first?!? (e.g., rather than just unilaterally setting a date, calling it a "unity dinner," and trying to force Herrity to show). As I've said before, on top of being a right-wing extremist, this guy is simply not ready for prime time.

Internal Fimian Poll Claims 13-Point Lead Over Herrity


I'm not sure what to make of this poll, but as the Virginia Politics blog points out, "Herrity did not offer any recent polling data to contradict Fimian's survey." Hmmmm.

Rex Simmons, Pete Frisbie: GOP Cancels Convention to Avoid “Rand Paul...

Are Keith Fimian and Pat Herrity "Rand Paul" Republicans? According to the chairmen of the Fairfax County (Rex Simmons) and Prince William County (Pete Frisbie) Democratic Committees, quoted in this press release from the 11th CD Democratic Committee, it's quite possible.
GOP Cancels 11th CD Convention to Shield Bickering Primary Candidates' Views from Public Scrutiny -- and Avoid a Rand Paul Moment

Democrats Say Fimian and Herrity Taking Extreme Positions in their Race to the Right

Eleventh District Republicans canceled their biennial Convention this weekend -- two weeks before their congressional primary -- to shield the public from the extreme views, bare-knuckles brawling, and increasingly nasty attacks that have marked the race to the right between congressional challengers Keith Fimian and Pat Herrity, Democrats said.

The Republicans announced they canceled the event, which could draw more than 2,600 delegates, because "scheduling problems" precluded the appearance of either candidate at the convention and they had no races for party offices, but the chairs of the Democratic party organizations in the 11th CD had a different take.

"In most primaries, candidates would salivate at the chance to speak to a couple of thousand party activists and throw them some red meat to win votes just two weeks before a low turnout primary," Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Rex Simmons said. "Unfortunately, what they are saying to the GOP party faithful now is definitely not what they want to public to hear in November."

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