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Jim LeMunyon Mad at Being Called Out for Extremist Tea Party...

Apparently, Del. Jim LeMunyon (Tea Party) really didn't like being called out for his extremism and Tea Party ties by Democratic challenger Eric Clingan. Check out LeMunyon's highly defensive email, below the "fold," which tries valiantly - but  completely fails - to claim that his proposed legislation to "tea up the Constitution" is actually no such thing, that he's really not supported by the Tea Party, etc. It's rather a Mad Hatter-ish sorta way, that is (note: click on the image to "embiggen"). :)

P.S. Here's an excerpt:

- There are two political action committees (PACs) in Virginia affiliated with the Tea Party. Public records show that I have not received any donations from them;

- An organization called Middle Resolution contributed to my 2009 campaign. Their donations (considerably less than the figure claimed by Mr. Clingan) have been a matter of public record for more than two years. Mr. Clingan calls them the "Tea Party" PAC. This is false. Middle Resolution is a group of private citizens in Virginia who are active in politics, but not affiliated with any organization. They did not "put me up" to introducing any legislation, but I was happy to have their support for H.J. 542 after it was introduced. I authored H.J. 542 at the request of House Speaker Bill Howell;

Tea Party Works Hard for Jim LeMunyon and Tea Party Takeover...

It's nice to see the Tea Party proudly supporting people who think like them, folks like Jim LeMunyon for starters (note: click on image to "embiggen"). For anyone who thinks LeMunyon and his crazy REPEAL Amendment are "moderate" in any way, I've got a nice, Colonial-era three-cornered hat (authentic, really  it is!) and some tea from Boston Harbor (also totally authentic!!!) to sell you. As might his Democratic opponent, Eric Clingan, who I urge everyone in the 67th district to vote for!

Also note that the NOVA Tea Party writes that "For the first time in a long time, we have the opportunity to control the Governor's mansion, the Senate, and the House of Delegates." Notice the highly significant use of the word "we" in there? No differentiation between members of the Tea Party and the Republican Party, hence why I call them "Teapublicans." Basically, they're flip sides of the same coin, tweedle dee and tweedle dum(b).

All of which means that your choice in 11/8 is surpassingly simple: if you want the Tea Party to control Virginia (and bring the type of dysfunction and extremism we see with Eric Can'tor, etc. in Washington), then by all means vote Republican! If you do NOT want the Tea Party to control Virginia, then make da** sure you get off your butts on 11/8 and go vote Democratic, up and down the ticket. Also, make sure you tell ALL your friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, etc., to do the same. The message: STOP THE TEA PARTY from taking over Virginia on November 8! It's as simple as that.

Eric Can’tor Elaborates on Difference Between Tea Party and Occupy Wall...

Can anyone make sense of the latest inane, non-sensical blather from Missing Village Idiot Eric Can'tor?
"The Tea Party is very different," said Cantor. "The Tea Party were individuals that were attempting to address their grievances, seeking redress of their grievances, from the government they elected. It's different, from what I see, of the protesters on Wall Street and elsewhere, that are pitting themselves against others outside of government in America. That's the difference. As far as what Steny said... all I can tell you is, folks who were involved and continued, and continue to be so, in the Tea Party, are worried about government and its policies. It's not pitting one part of our country against another. And you didn't hear most of [Republicans] us encouraging any type of violent behavior, or whatever, when that was occuring. Everyone in this country has the right to speak out. That's the beauty of our system. But when elected leaders come in, and condone attacks on others in our country, that's not how it was [with us], it's not leadership."

A short while later, Politico's David Rogers pressed on part of the answer.

"Do you not see the government as part of the people?" asked Rogers. "You said before, the Tea Party was asking for redress against the government. Do you regret using the word mob? I mean, You say these people are divisive against other Americans."

"I did not say that," said Cantor.

"You said they were pitting themselves against other Americans," said Rogers.

"I said they are aiming their ire at others in our society," said Cantor.

"You made a distinction between that and aiming their ire against the government," said Rogers.

"Right," said Cantor. "The ire, from the Tea Party standpoint, is at Washington. It's at the government and its policies."

"And do you not see the government as representing the people?" asked Rogers.

"Sure," said Cantor, "it's of the people...

Again, can anyone make any sense of this blather? I can't(or), except to the extent that this petulant, nasty, smarmy little man-child with the IQ of an eggplant but an ambition level that knows no bounds, is working to position himself politically as the leader of the teahadists and their corporate (Koch, etc.) puppetmasters. Even if it requires him to make statements that are patently absurd, laughable, self contradictory, and just plain idiotic. What's any of that to someone like Eric Can'tor, an individual who has betrayed all the values his faith teaches him (e.g., "tikkun olam"), and who has even shown himself willing to destroy the American economy - or whatever else it takes - to advance his own political agenda. The question is, why would anyone listen to this creep?

Bob McDonnell Goes Off Right-Wing Deep End, Endorses Dick Black and...

From the DPVA -- Bob McDonnell shows his true colors (as if there ever was any doubt) as a Pat Robertson Teapublican.
McDonnell embraces radical GOP Senate candidates

Richmond, VA - Yesterday Governor Bob McDonnell embraced two of the most controversial members of his team of radical right-wing candidates for the Virginia Senate. McDonnell endorsed Tea Party State Senate candidates Jeff Frederick and Dick Black and agreed to hold an October 26th fundraiser for Black.

Both endorsements raise questions about Bob McDonnell's priorities and vision for Virginia. In endorsing Frederick, McDonnell advocated the election of a man he helped to overthrow as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia in 2009 due to Frederick's extreme rhetoric and general ineptitude.


Tea Partier Jim LeMunyon Called Out on Money from Extremist Group,...


Well, that didn't take long. Just a day after Democratic House of Delegates nominee Eric Clingan (67th district) called out Tea Partier Jim LeMunyon (at an Arab-American dinner, which LeMunyon skipped, but at which 10th CD Republican Chair Howie Lind appeared) for his extremist views and ties, including to the far-far-right-wing "Middle Resolution PAC" (see here for a lot more on this subject), guess what happened? That's right, Tea Partier LeMunyon returned $50,000 he'd received from the "Middle Resolution PAC." What's that all about? Coincidence or cause-and-effect? I encourage reporters to ask LeMunyon and see what he has to say. While they're at it, they also might want to ask why LeMunyon's tied up with a group that's closely linked to the hard-right-wing ALEC (see ALEC Exposed: A Nationwide Blueprint for the Rightwing Takeover), and why he's pushing one of their top priorities, the dangerous "REPEAL" amendment. It should be fascinating to hear his answers...  

Chap Petersen’s Opponent Attacks Him for Protecting Community from Polluted Water

What do Republicans have against clean water, anyway? Do they all have something against it? Sometimes you'd think so, given the ongoing anti-environmental assault by teahadists in Congress. Closer to home, check out the following press release from the Chap Petersen for Senate reelection campaign for yet another example of this phenomenon. In this case, we have another apparently fanatic, anti-environment, extreme Teapublican candidate opposing a crucial environmental law, one that passed the Virginia Senate AND House unanimously (and was signed by Gov. McDonnell), that was totally non-controversial, and that clearly needed. Why is she opposing it? Because she claims it "was using environmental laws to shut down a local business." This is, frankly, nuts. By Culipher's "reasoning" (to use the word VERY loosely), if a corporation wanted to dump nuclear waste and coal sludge in the middle of your neighborhood, any effort to oppose that would be going against business and should be opposed. I mean, seriously, where do Republicans FIND these crazy candidates?!? Anyway, I'm just glad that Chap Petersen's in the State Senate, and that he's likely to be reelected (overwhelmingly, if his opponent is really this extreme) in a few weeks. Go Chap!
A Clear Choice: Chap Petersen for Fairfax

Culipher attacks Petersen for standing up to the owners of the Pickett Road Tank Farm, saying, "It's not the role of the legislature" to protect our communities from a known environmental polluter.

Vienna, VA- At Thursday's debate at American Legion Post 177 in the Town of Vienna, Republican challenger Gerarda Culipher criticized Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) for bringing legislation to clean up the Pickett Road Tank Farm, which has been a continuing source of petroleum spills and water contamination for the past twenty years.

"I'm proud to have stood up to the owners of the Pickett Road Tank Farm for their disregard for our families, our waterways and Fairfax, because legislation that I sponsored they will have to come up to current safety standards or shut down" said Senator Petersen.

Of course Radtke should not be in the debate

by Paul Goldman

Let's cut to the bottom line: The idea that somehow our political process and country would be better off by requiring Jamie Radtke and the others similarly situated in the Virginia GOP U.S. Senate primary be included in the Allen vs. Kaine AP debate is not the case. Radtke has been campaigning the longest of the Tea Party posse, with no discernible success in convincing even the wrongest of the right wingers to support her. She can talk the talk because she can pretend to be Sarah Palin-lite or a Tea Party "founder." But the truth is, as they say in Rick Perry country, "she is all hat and no cowgirl" even to the Teasters who aren't supporting her.

Radtke does have a legitimate point in saying the 15% polling threshold and additional financial litmus test are questionable as to their particulars. This is a primary contest, not a general election presidential debate. Those parameters are too high in my view. But, like the Attorney General's healthcare lawsuite, she simply doesn't have standing to argue the case.

The fundamental issue - does Radtke qualify to be in any or all debates because she has filed for to run - isn't changed by these particulars.

Remember: Radtke hasn't even qualified for the primary ballot. Kaine and Allen will definitely qualify for the primary ballot. There is also someone in the Radtke category claiming to be a candidate against Kaine based on news reports. True, this Democratic wannabe doesn't issue press releases every day like Radtke. But they both register the same in the polls: within the margin of error from zero.

Turn and face the right (while we fight to keep all that’s...


If you haven't already heard, an odd hodgepodge of nefarious ideological zealots have hijacked the Republican Party and turned it into a Frankenstein-like monster through which the "good ol' days" of America can be revisited and returned. By "good ol' days," these individuals mean the days of the Great Depression, the Civil War, Jim Crowe, and the Robber Barons. You know, the times in America when the federal government didn't involve itself much in the fortunes and ill-fates of its citizens. What a festive time to be alive, huh?!

Enter our new main protagonist, Rick Perry, a self-proclaimed God-fearing American and scorner of "big government" whose one-liners are as effective at destroying his political competition as a viper's venom is at killing its victims. Perry is so beloved by the Tea Partiers because he salutes our "brave men and women" in the armed forces while denouncing the existence of the bloated state, denies climate change while Texas continues through a horrible drought, and decries the evils of big government while readily accepting federal subsidies. What more could a truly patriotic Tea- Partier ask for out of his presidential nominee?

On the planet we call earth, in the year of 2011, in the great country of America, we have turned to face the right. Yes, we have turned to the right so considerably that George W. Bush brings back memories of Samuel Gompers and not, well, George W. Bush's two terms as president...

Virginia Republicans Know the Importance of 2011

Pat Mullins, Chairman of the RPV, dropped in on Virginia Beach Republicans today to provide perspective on the Virginia elections this fall and update the faithful. His message was simple, direct, and aimed at taking advantage of the vacuum of DPVA leadership; in hiding since 2008.

The elections this year, and you've got all your delegates running, your senators running, what we want you to do is not let anybody currently an incumbent get defeated. Be sure and get out and vote. Even if they are unopposed, vote for them, because if they get 95% or 100% maybe it'll scare people off next time too.

The reason I'm saying this is the whole country is watching Virginia elections this year. I go to RNC meetings and they tell me "We're watching you," just like they did two years ago. After the current occupant of the White House (and I have difficulty calling him President) the current occupant of the White House carried Virginia, there was a fear around the country, "was this going to keep carrying over?" And we said the next year we've already had enough of him. And we voted in Bob and Bill, and Ken; the following year we took three Congressional seats including Scott's in this area and we sent a message.

They're watching this year to see if the blame game being placed on the Republicans, on the Tea Party people, on anybody who doesn't agree, believe it or not, with the White House, is the blame game working? So, they're telling me if we can win the Senate, pick up those two to three seats we need, pick up a couple of House seats, then the word will go out to the country: the blame game isn't working. Virginia is going to be the first state to refudiate (sic) Obama and we're going to carry it through next year.

Now why is that important for next year? Because I've been told that if Virginia's electoral votes don't go Republican, the current occupant of the White House will stay there. If Virginia's votes don't elect a Republican United States Senator, that the Senate is going to stay in the Democrat (sic) majority. So it's that simple. If we want to win, we've got to win this year and send a message: Next year elect a Republican (and any running is better than what's in there right now) and elect a United States Senator to get us a majority we need in the United States Senate.

Palin Slams NOVA: Is GOP Conceding VA Next Year?

by Paul Goldman

It might be Labor Day. But Tim Kaine's campaign should be hard at work preparing for a press conference tomorrow, calling out George Allen and the VA GOP as to whether they agree with the 2008 Republican VP nominee's attack on the good people of Northern Virginia. Mrs Palin's belittling of the "permanent political class" got a lot of headlines over the weekend. But in our sound-bite culture, analysts no longer do any real digging, shallow is in, actually reading a whole speech is out.

So this being Blue Virginia, where readers expect a little more at least, the thought occurred: "Come on Paul, examine the text of her speech to find out who she meant by the permanent political class."

So I went on her PAC's web site to get the text. As the headline stories reported, the former Alaska Governor did indeed deliver a scathing condemnation of the political class. That she happens to be one of the highest paid members of this posse - did she think we thought the FOX political gig was for free, not to mention her two political books and paid speeches - is of course amusing.

But that's for joke day, this is serious day.