Monday, October 26, 2020
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More on the subject of Mr. Schoeneman’s post about racism

My earlier response to response to Brian Schoeneman's post "What's worse? Racism or using racism as a political weapon?" at Bearing Drift seems to have stirred up a little controversy.  Allow me to further elaborate.

Does anyone seriously believe that these were the only two e-mails of this nature ever sent by members of the VB Republican leadership?  Or, as seems more likely, are these the only two that have somehow made their way into the possession of a Democratic blogger?

The thing I find so offensive about Mr. Schoeneman's post is that he accuses Lowell Feld--and by extension other Democrats--of "using racism as a political weapon," when in fact all we have ever done is call attention to racist behavior that even Mr. Schoeneman claims to disapprove of.  We are reacting, not acting.

What the RPV doesn’t understand about racism

I'll keep this very brief, because it's really a very simple issue, though for some reason the Republican Party of Virginia and its supporters don't seem to get it.

This is a response to Brian Schoeneman's post "What's worse? Racism or using racism as a political weapon?" at Bearing Drift.  The title of this post really says it all--and Mr. Schoeneman really ends up accusing himself and the RPV of what he'd like to defend them against: racism.

Mr. Schoeneman is upset that Democrats have made a habit of calling out Republicans when those Republicans act or speak in a way that is blatantly racist.  To Mr. Schoeneman that is "using racism as a political weapon."  

No, Mr. Schoeneman, it is not using racism as a political weapon.  Calling out and criticizing incidents of racism is opposing racism.  Does opposing racism have political consequences?  Quite possibly.  But it is in the power of Virginia Republicans to avoid these consequences altogether by simply ceasing to act and speak in ways that are racist.  Just stop being racists and the issue becomes moot.

Where Mr. Shoeneman ends up accusing himself, and by extension the entire RPV, is by using the phrase "using racism as a political weapon."  In the current scenario the only organization using racism, deliberately employing racism on its own behalf to promote itself and gain political power, is the Virginia Beach Republican Committee.

It is members of the Virginia Beach Republican Committee's leadership who have been e-mailing around racist jokes, songs, and other material to boost the sense of community and esprit de corps among Virginia Beach Republicans.  Racism seems to be a core organizing principle for Virginia Beach Republicans, something that motivates their participation in GOP activities.

Criticizing the use of racism by Republicans to promote the GOP is not racism: it is anti-racism.  Are Virginia Republicans really unable to understand that?

Did the Republican Party just make a serious mistake? (Poll)

I suspect that the Republican Party may have just made a very serious mistake.

You may or may have not noticed, but there's been a pretty serious downturn in our nation's economy over the course of the last couple of years.  A lot of Americans have lost their jobs and are on the verge of losing their homes . . . and, well pretty much everything.

Now broadly speaking, are there--from a politicial point of view--two responses to this crisis.  Broadly speaking, the Democratic Party believes we are all in this together and the government ought to offer some modest help to those who are in trouble.  The Republican Party thinks that we are not all in this together and they oppose any government help to anyone--especially unemployment payments.