Saturday, January 23, 2021
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What You Expect From the DPVA

In the lead-up to the selection of a new Party Chair, the new Executive Director of the DPVA rolled out an initiative to provide a weekly update. A new chair was selected who emphasized "communications" to the Central Committee. Brian Moran said "We must communicate with our grassroots activists..."

That was three weeks ago. That first update was featured on the grassroots blogs. It garnered 623 views as of today. Two weeks ago we got our second weekly update. Actually, we didn't get it, we had to look for it. Message to DPVA, your site is not compelling enough (actually not compelling at all) to get traffic and to use as a primary communications tool. As of this morning it had 140 views. After this, a few more will have been added; maybe. Want a reason to watch? How about this highlight:

"As a former member...well actually I still am a current member...I hope soon...of the Alexandria Democratic Committee..." - Brian Moran, DPVA Chair

There's some communicating. Oh, and the third installment is overdue. But from the beginning, the concept was awkward. What does the DPVA think the audience for these "updates" is? If it is the Central Committee, fine. If it is Democrats, not so fine. If it is the grassroots, fail. Mr. Mills as a narrator, fine. Mr. Mills on the front line going after the other guys, not fine at all. Where are the members of the legislature going after all this budget craziness from Bob McDonnell? On the blogs, like this one. Where are the grassroots staying informed? Not here.

Communications. Blah. Grassroots. Blah, blah.

Framing: We Lose Again (and How Not To)

We have greater crises today than at nearly any time in the past hundred years.  The Gulf oil disaster, Wall Street debacle, energy shortfalls and manipulations, health care crisis, destruction and privatization of our public school system, two wars draining our treasury and costing our youth treasure, and other crises continue to defy meaningful solution. Of all times that our values of caring for others, sound stewardship, economic fairness, justice, and honesty are critical, this is it. Giving up, or providing useless, or worse, wrong-wing harmful remedies aren't an option. But that is precisely what Dems have done and are poised to do again.  Over and over, they provide half-baked solutions with Republican-sounding language and ideas.  It makes one wonder how we got to this point with a Democratic president and congress. Here's how this is happening, courtesy of a must-read by George Lakoff.