Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Wells Fargo Avoiding Real Accountability by Sending Fraud Cases to Arbitration

Sponsored Content By Richard Grungo, an attorney who handles cases in Georgia ranging from car accidents and wrongful death, to consumer fraud. When speaking to the national...

Circuit Court Rules Government Surveillance of Christmas Tree Bomber Was Lawful

Sponsored Content By Peter Billings, an attorney practicing criminal defense and family law in Connecticut. He handles cases ranging from DUI and domestic violence to divorce and...

Outbreak of Hepatitis A Linked to Virginia Tropical Smoothie Café

Sponsored Content By Thomas Soldan, an attorney experienced in litigation, who represents clients in both criminal cases as well as personal injury matters. As Americans, we put our...

Metro Derailment Prompts Federal Inspection

Sponsored Content By Seth Okin, a criminal defense attorney who practices in Maryland, and covers cases such as DUI, traffic, and other criminal offenses. A July train derailment,...

Controversy Continues Over Virginia Ex-Felon Voting Rights Restoration

Sponsored Content Criminal defense attorney Patrick Woolley graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 2010 and has been a dedicated criminal defense attorney for over seven...

Virginia Prison Mentally Ill Study Showcases Need for Changes

Sponsored Content By criminal defense attorney Mary Nerino, representing clients who face DUI, speeding, and a wide range of criminal charges practices in Northern Virginia. Leaders in...

Overuse of Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes

Sponsored Content By Matthew Davey  a personal injury attorney who has represented clients for over a decade, covering a wide array of issues from car and...

Connecticut Gun Law Protects Victims of Domestic Abuse

Sponsored Content By Peter Billings of Billings and Barrett, LLC A controversial new gun law, signed by Governor Dannel Malloy, will go into effect for the...

The New Rule 41: Search Warrants Gone Too Far?

SPONSORED CONTENT By Thomas Soldan Thomas Soldan is a criminal defense and injury attorney at Price Benowitz LLP’s Leesburg Office. Mr. Soldan is an experienced litigator...