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McDonnell Signs “Trust Women/Respect Choice” Bill


I must say, this is a pleasant surprise.

Earlier today, the governor’s office said it will allow a pro-choice license plate, “Trust Women, Respect Choice,” which could potentially raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The plate is the opposite to last year’s “Choose Life” license plate, put forward by pro-life senator, now Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and signed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine. The signing stems a potential legal action considered by the American Civil Liberties Union which argued that the law prohibited discriminating against allowing opposing political viewpoints on the plates.

As with the Choose Life plate, after 1,000 of the Trust Women plates are sold, $15 of the $25 fee goes to Planned Parenthood. The group said it would not use the money to fund abortions, but could spend it on prevention services, such as gynecological exams and testing to the roughly 30,000 women, men and families they serve.

Of course, money raised from the “Trust Women, Respect Choice” license plates will simply mean more money for Planned Parenthood overall, even if it doesn’t use this specific money to fund abortions. I’m not sure if Governor McDonnell understands the concept of “fungibility,” but whether he does or not, this was a good move. Thank you.

  • It seems fair that both sides can choose (!) the plate that suits them best.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    This is a surprise. However, perhaps McDonnell realizes that if one side is allowed to get its license plate, then the other side must get the same opportunity – unless one wants a lawsuit. Even so, this is a good move for the governor who hasn’t had a good couple of weeks.

  • jack

    You are right, lowkell, money is fungible.  Anyone who buys one of these and thinks that the money will not fund abortions is already brain dead.

    • KathyinBlacksburg
  • kindler

    McDonnell’s game of maneuvering between appearing moderate to remain politically viable while actually acting right wing enough to keep the Tea baggers at bay has hit more than a few bumps lately. He may get Stupaked over this (which is as painful as it sounds)…

  • jack

    “Trust Women/Respect Choice”

    In most cases (not all, of course) the women MADE their choice, and now want to kill the consequences of their first bad choice.  So, having made a bad choice that created a new life, should they be trusted to make another choice that will end a life?

  • WestEndVoter

    No one can realistically foresee a possibility that a woman will not be able exercise her ability to “choose” in this country during the first trimester.  Outright abortion bans are completely ineffective worldwide — rates of abortions sometimes actually go up when a ban is in place owing to the availability of cheap chemical abortions (see Brazil, Phillipines).  

    So if we don’t trust women, and require the government to step in, abortions will simply occur in secret, and women will die.  

    That being said, government should make sure that women make informed choices, free from undue influence from a profit-making abortion provider, biological father, etc.  Such is consistent with the holdings in Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood.

    And if a woman should choose death for her unborn fetus/child, the government should not pay for that choice, or more specifically, should not pay for what President Obama’s health care reform recognizes as an elective procedure.

    In a democratic society such as ours, I really see no option other than Trust Women/Respect (Informed) Choice, at least during the first trimester, so the license plate is pretty much stating the obvious.  And this comes from a so-called pro-life Democrat who thinks that most abortion (and capital punishment, euthanasia, unjustified war, etc.) is wrong at any stage.

    So in response to Jack’s inquiry:

    So, having made a bad choice that created a new life, should they be trusted to make another choice that will end a life?

    Do you have an alternative?  Or are you just trying to cause this forum to devolve into an incessant flame war?