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Cooch is “the very model of a mad Attorney General”


Hilarious, great job by Bart Hinkle skewering Ken Kook-inelli!  

I am the very model of a mad Attorney General,

My politics are paleoconservative and visceral —

I’ll sue the pants off Democrats and wreck their plans historical

With writs and briefs that I’ll compose, tendentious and rhetorical . . . .

I’ll stop environmentalists from regulating greenhouse gas

By proving carbon dioxide does not have an atomic mass —

That solar-radiative forcing’s nothing but a liberal plot

And dendroclimatology is superstitious tommyrot.

I’ll prove the EPA is overrun with Commie militants

Who haven’t shown a single lick of scientific diligence —

In short, in matters legal, ecological, and federal

I am the very model of a mad Attorney General.

More lyrics here – sing along!

  • Teddy Goodson

    One is breathless with concupiscence!

    This tour de fprce demands an operetta to go with it.

  • kindler

    …is a huge chorus of people singing this outside Cooch’s office in Richmond.

    Who’s game???

  • jack russell
  • pa2vadem

    When I was in Australia I was introduced to a bird called the Kookaburra (Sp?). It is a loud and raucous bird that can be heard throughout the forest. When I was in Girl Scouts we sang a song dedicated to this bird. The Australian rock group Men at Work used this song as a riff in their hit song “Down Under”. This bird reminds me of a certain mad Virginia Attorney General.

    So with apologies to Australia here goes:

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office

    Passing crazy rules that he can proffer

    Laugh Cuccinelli laugh Cuccinelli

    Let Virginia suffer

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office

    Criticizing gays and women in office

    Stop Cuccinelli stop Cuccinelli

    Save Virginia’s rep