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Navy to McDonnell on Offshore Oil Drilling: No Go


The U.S. Navy has a different view of oil drilling off Virginia’s coast than our esteemed governor.

A newly released U.S. Defense Department report shows that exploratory drilling for oil and natural gas off almost three-quarters of the Virginia shoreline where the government has proposed those activities is incompatible with military operations and training.

The report is the latest potential setback to a plan strongly endorsed by Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) to conclude sales of leases to companies interested in drilling 50 miles off Virginia’s coast by 2012.

The Defense Department report, concluded in March but released in part Tuesday by Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), a drilling opponent, indicates that drilling would interfere with military activities, including ordnance training and carrier operations, in 72 percent of the 3 million acres covered by the lease sale and that it could be allowed only with restrictions in 6 percent of the area. Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base.

So…we already know that Bob McDonnell doesn’t give a rat’s hindquarter’s about the environment. Now, let’s see if he cares what the U.S. Navy thinks.

P.S. Maybe McDonnell can ask Ken Kook-inelli to sue the Navy on this?  After all, Crazy Cooch says it only costs $350.  Ha.

UPDATE: Mark Warner says:

This is the reason why we have a multi-year, multi-agency review process, to allow local, state and federal stakeholders to weigh-in and recommend ways to mitigate any concerns. Senator Warner believes we should gather all of the relevant information as we continue to evaluate Virginia’s offshore wind, natural gas and oil potential.

  • kindler

    Does he want the terrorists to win and America to fail?  Guess so!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    If the governor can’t support our troops in a time of war, I do believe that he should step down from office. In the future, the navy will become ever more important to our strategic defense. Gov. Bob is not that important, is he? (Snark)

    Perhaps our attorney general might want to investigate McDonnell’s perhaps anti-American stand since even Cooch believes that government has a right to defend the nation.

    After all, “some people say” that McDonnell wants the terrorists to win and America to fail. 🙂

  • Dutch

    Lowell, I think most experts would agree that there is not that much oil off the Virginia coast to begin with, only natural gas. How does the environmental community feel about UCG or underground coal gasification?  Rick Boucher seems to want to use the deep coal seams in the southwestern counties for carbon sequestration. Would it be better to gasify this coal and use it for power generation while limiting the need for mountain top removal?

    Also, what about using the gas in distributed power generation with new technology like Bloom Energy’s “Bloom Box” where residents can generate electricity that can be transmitted through the existing grid that runs through the area? You can get 50% more efficiency than burning the gas with significant reductions in carbon emissions, and create jobs and wealth for citizens.