Conservative Blogger Gets Booted from Palin Event for…Covering It!


    (UPDATE: The Shad Plank has the video, and says, “it’s still unclear why Palin wouldn’t want sympathetic ears and eyes to land on the speech.” – promoted by lowkell)

    Gotta love it, a conservative blogger attempts to “live blog” the Sarah Palin event – ironically entitled “Freedom Fest” – in Norfolk and is booted out for his exercise of 1st amendment rights audacity!  Having been duly booted, said conservative blogger missed a star-studded lineup of “patriots” including:

    *Defeated (and ethically challenged) 2nd CD Tea Party candidate Ben Loyola

    *Convicted felon Oliver North

    *Former U.S. Senator “Felix Macacawitz”

    *Anti-Muslim bigot Bill DeSteph

    *Former Alaska Governor (until she quit the job) “Drill Baby Drill” Palin.

    Anyway, the boys at Bearing Drift were well into their coverage of the event — with J.R. Hoeft commenting, “This is really a much more Pro-GOP rally than I thought. Not quite sure how I feel about it.” — when hilarity ensued.

    J.R. Hoeft: We’re being kicked out. So much for transparency.

    Whoops, so much for “standing strong for freedom” (at an event ironically entitled “Freedom Fest”) and all that!  Freedom of speech? First amendment rights at an event with a lineup of public figures?  

    Apparently, Palin, North, “Felix Macacawitz” et al. aren’t clear on that concept. Seriously, if these people are afraid of a conservative, pro-Republican blogger, what does that say about the confidence they have in their belief system and ability to express it?  Or is this about a bunch of control freaks carefully controlling their message and public image from the rabble public they pretend to “serve?”  And yes, they can make whatever rules they want at their own event, but again, these are public figures, elected officials, former elected officials, and future candidates for high office.  Why are they so concerned about the public – let alone a conservative, pro-Republican blogger – “live blogging” their event? What are these chest-thumping blowhards so afraid of, anyway?

    • Dan Sullivan

      Let’s see: a tribute the military and first responders and a military officer was booted from the venue for exercising what he thought was a public right!

      The radio station that hoped to benefit from a ratings boost as a result of this show surely wanted to protect it’s investment from copyright infringement; a private property right. Or, maybe exposure of its abject failure.

      Jim is woefully naive to think that this was a serious political event. But that is the nature of the “conservative” façade. When it eventually dawns on him, it will be terribly embarrassing to realize that if he had just ponied up the cash, he could have been as free as a bird to blog away and gotten a photo with Sarah too. And that this is exactly what Sarah, and Ollie, and George are about.

    • jack russell

      from the comments over there.  Quite funny.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Or, are they all just a tad neo-fascist? If they wanted a closed event sp that they could completely control the message from the people there, then they should have advertised their propaganda gathering that way and not piggy-back on the respect people have for the military and first responders.  

      Freedom Fest? No…Freak Fest is a better title…

      (Of course, when you have people like Macaca Allen and Sarah “Wink Wink” Palin speaking, you might want complete control of the microphone. God only knows what they might say.)

    • Teddy Goodson

      and I think what it reminds me of is early National Socialist bund meetings in Munich drinking halls, when the brownshirts would beat up those who were not sufficiently pro-Adolf before Adolf ranted his way to public power.

      Next. therefore, we will perhaps have an in-house, in-Republican Party that is, coup like the beer hall putsch where the vocal extremists capture the mantle of the Republican Party and msquerade as a serious national political party—- the Tea Party running the Republican Party, complete with muscleman guarding the doors and lining the walls to keep the little lemmings under control.  

    • AnonymousIsAWoman

      Actually, I think it was a distrust of bloggers in general and partially economics – a radio station, which was one of the sponsors, hoping to protect its own ratings boost, as Dan Sullivan pointed out.

      None of the mainstream media were kicked out according J.R. Hoeft and Brian Kirwan.

      However, yes, the irony of booting out a military officer exercising his first amendment rights (plus the freedom of the press, which should extend to bloggers)from a Freedom Fest to Honor the military is delicious.

      Gotta love em for the way they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. (oops, maybe they need protection from that pesky Second Amendment too?)

    • The Richmonder

      There’s no way this event covered its costs.