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Eugene Delgaudio on “Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis”


For anyone who ever had any doubts, Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R) is not only a rabid and obsessed homophobe, he’s also unintentionally hilarious.

Dear Joe,

It was truly a sight to sicken the soul.

Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis hanging all over each other.

Groups of men and women — it was hard to tell the difference sometimes — acting out their homosexual lusts in defiance of all standards of decency and morality.

There were tens of thousands of them flooding the streets.

Throngs of “gay rights” radicals rallied all over our Nation’s Capitol. Tourists had to rush to shield their children from the depraved displays of near nudity.

On and on it goes about the “radical homosexuals” (aka, people who want the same rights as everyone else in America), the “dangerous” “Homosexual Agenda” (see previous paranthetical), “Thought Control” (who knows), “homosexual re-education classes” and the dreaded “Homosexual Classrooms Act” (everyone, altogether now – WTF?!?!?!).

P.S. Don’t forget, Delgaudio is practically “Best Friends Forever” with Del. Tom Rust. Oh, and don’t forget, Rep. Frank Wolf said this about Delgaudio, “No one works harder than Eugene. He is not afraid to make the tough decisions and speak out for what he thinks is right.”  Also, in 2005, Delgaudio complained that “Frank Wolf’s ringing endorsement will see little ink in area newspapers.”  Gotta love these “moderate” Republicans, hangin’ with a homophobic head case like Delgaudio.  The question is, how long are people going to let them get away with this charade?

h/t: “Radical Homosexual” – heh – blog Joe. My. God.

  • blue bronc

    I thought I went by the Pride party, but it must have been the wrong one.  How come the R’s always go to the fun things?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Eugene Delgaudio that obsessing on homosexuality is one sign of a closeted fellow who fears being exposed for what he is. I have lost count of the “conservative Republicans” and “Christians” who have made a career out of bashing homosexuals and then been caught doing things like explicitely emailing congressional pages, hiring “luggage carriers,” having “wide stances” in airport bathrooms, hiring male prostitutes, etc.

    Eugene, this heterosexual lady thinks you just may protest too much. Do you need to open the door of a closet?  

  • libra

    but I’d rather see “thousands of men in bright neon bikinis” than in Pampers, which is, I’ve heard, de rigeur costume for the C-Street parties.