Farm Team Blasts Wittman Campaign Over Sexist Remark


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    I’d say that the Wittman campaign is feeling quite threatened these days by Krystal Ball’s (D-VA-1st CD) candidacy that they felt that they needed to dismiss her as a candidate through an extremely sexist comment.

    Great job by the Farm Team on calling them out!

    Wittman for Congress makes sexist remarks about

    female opponent, Krystal Ball

    Recently, a spokesperson for Congressman Rob Wittman of the 1st District of Virginia made a controversial statement about his opponent, Krystal Ball. In referring to Mrs. Ball, the Wittman campaign described her as “cute” stating, “As cute as our opponent may think she is…”

    Today, Susan Platt, a founding member of The Farm Team said, “It is regrettable that Rob Wittman’s campaign feels it is acceptable to degrade the Democratic Nominee for Congress for the First Congressional, who happens to be a woman, in such a manner.”

    Platt continued, “Krystal is running a smart, issue-oriented campaign and should be treated with respect.  Not only is it disrespectful to Mrs. Ball, but to the many other women across Virginia who expect more from their elected officials.  We hold our leaders to a higher standard.  That’s why we’re supporting Krystal Ball for Congress.”

    The comments were in response to a recent online video,, where Congressman Rob Wittman is challenged on his voting record and his lack of accessibility to his constituents in the 1st district of VA.

    The Farm Team is a grassroots organization established in 2008 to recruit, develop, and elect women to public office.  More information about the organization can be found at

    I think it is time for Wittman to send his folks to sensitivity training, since he obviously doesn’t intend to send them to work (see aforementioned video in press release).

    • libra

      that Wittman meant his “cute” comment to be demeaning to Ball but… Repubs brag, no end, about “their women” being good looking, even when those women have nothing but hay in their top lofts (vide the standard-bearing Palin). So, the perfect response would have been “Krystal Ball is both: smart and good looking (unlike some people we could name)”. The Farm Team’s response, OTOH, was a (tiresome and over the top, IMO) knee-jerk “feminist outrage”.

      Full disclosure: a while back (a year? a bit more?), there was an organising meeting in our town, to start a local Farm Team “cell”. I got an invitation to attend and, since I’m all for more female participation in the political system, I went. It was totally disappointing. What issues and/or political positions does Farm Team support? Why, none that they’re willing to admit to. Democrats? Republicans? Libertarians? Greens? Won’t say. The bit you supply:

      The Farm Team is a grassroots organization established in 2008 to recruit, develop, and elect women to public office.

      seems to be the only thing they care about. IOW, it sounds like what’s between the legs counts for more than what’s between the ears. Sorry, but I’m not as much of a feminist as that.