Kaine: “If you want to fight deficits, don’t put the Republicans back in”


    Kaine is exactly right, if you want to do something about the deficit, the last thing you want to do is vote Republican.  Oh, and here’s what Republicans will blow the budget on – an average tax cut of $103,835 for taxpayers earning $1 million per year or more. Nice.

    UPDATE: After the “fold,” Tim Kaine says:

    This wouldn’t be a controversy if it was a proposal to build a synagogue or a church. We see an awful lot of Republicans going out and saying we gotta respect the Constitution -and that means we gotta respect it. We can’t tarnish people’s First Amendment rights.

    Tim Kaine’s on a roll today!

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      I’ve ever seen Tim Kaine come across…the guy is looking outright Presidential especially compared to his GOP counterpart, the gift that keeps on giving. You couldn’t make this stuff up-

      Ed Rollins, one of the GOP’s sage old men, tearing into Steele-


    • Dan Sullivan

      and any rational Rebublican would wither from this volley. Is there a rational Rebublican out there?