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Washington Post Struggles to Keep Painting Greens as Struggling


If you go to WashingtonPost.com right now, you’ll see this:

A year ago, environmental groups seemed at the peak of their influence. Now they are struggling.

Except that exactly one year ago, the Washington Post didn’t say environmental groups were at the peak of their influence. It literally said they were struggling using the exact same reporter, using those exact words:

It seems that environmentalists are struggling in a fight they have spent years setting up.

You have to wonder if the Washington Post’s reporting on environmental groups is driven by reality, or if it just rewrites the “greens are struggling” article once a year & adds a new headline. You also have to wonder how much its reporting is being influenced by its increasingly-conservative editorial side.  

  • Venu

    Readership is down. Liberals are convinced they’re a corporatist sellout that disregards the truth and Conservatives are convinced that that they’re a Democratic think tank.  

  • Glen Tomkins

    I ask that, because if you had that experience, surely you understand the universal utility of always having a few paragraphs handy in your head on the “rising middle class”.  This text was soemthing you kept available, much as police keep a throw-down weapon handy to get them out of tight spots after they shoot some random person, for insertion in any term paper or essay question on any period of history, because the one Iron Law of History, is that the middle class is always rising.

    The journalists need to have these little tricks at hand to make their lives manageable, much like students with their ever-rising middle class, or police persons with their throw-down weapons.  So environmentalists are always struggling.  That’s one of the Iron Laws of Journalism.  It’s the same as the idea that the Irish are still struggling with crushing poverty (Oh, wait, that one is true again.).  In an earlier, more innocent, era, all freighters were Liberian, and the only things that happened in Pakistan were bus plunges, but these have been replaced with more contemporary perpetually recurring stories.