Rick Boucher Ad Defines “Non Sequitur”


    According to Merriam Webster, “non sequitur” can be defined as “a statement (as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said.” Well, Merriam Webster’s got nothing on Rick Boucher, who provides a perfect, video definition of “non sequitur” in this ad.

    So, let’s get this straight: Rick Boucher has Southwest Virginia values, and “that’s why he voted against the health care law” and is “a leader in the bipartisan effort to balance the budget.” There’s just one problem with that reasoning, namely that the health care law and increased federal spending both disproportionately help relatively low-income, net-recipient-of-federal-money areas like Southwest Virginia. Also, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates, Southwest Virginia has among the highest unemployment rates (11.3% in Radford City, 11.6% in Smyth County, 11.4% in Grayson County, 11.2% in Patrick County, etc.) in the Commonwealth. How would cutting back on federal spending or making it harder for people to get health care coverage improve conditions in this region?  It wouldn’t; hence, the non sequitur.  

    • Esquire10

      Boucher’s argument is that the Federal Health care plan would ultimately result in the closing of rural hospitals in SW Va.  Whether that’s true or not, that’s the argument and while that’s not said in the ad, again, that’s his reasoning.  And sure I was disappointed that he didn’t vote for the health care plan, but in what will be his closest race in probably 10 years or more, a vote supporing it would have perhaps resulted in his losing this race.  No doubt he knew the bill would pass, so he was given a “pass” to vote NO, to save his seat.  It’s just practical raw politics and nothing more.