Perriello Romps Over Hurt in 5th CD Debate


    Just got done watching Rep. Tom Perriello debate Robert Hurt on WCAV CBS 19 Charlottesville.  Now that was a thing of beauty. I’m hoping there will be video shortly. For now, here are some tweets (including my own) from the butt-kicking Tom just delivered. Enjoy!

    @VotePerriello: Crowd at the #va05 debate

    @NotAndySere: Immigration: @RobertHurt slams @TomPerriello for open borders. No mention of McCain, Bush amnesty plan. GOP hasn’t learned?

    @NotAndySere: Do candidates have notes for debate? @RobertHurt keeps looking down like he’s reading

    @NotAndySere: @RobertHurt seems like a total flip flopper. @TomPerriello is at least consistent and on message.

    @NotAndySere: @RobertHurt stuttering his way through a list of pre-selected businesses

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt outright lies on Cap and Trade, Stimulus, etc., etc. What a bunch of bovine excrement.

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello is so far superior to @RobertHurt as a debater and in terms of substance, it’s not even fair! LOL

    @bradramsey: @tomperriello says access to #broadband is critical in rural areas to expand edu opportunities

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello is on fire, “we ARE creating jobs…in the 5th district!” In contrast, @RobertHurt = all negativity

    @lowkell: @TomPerriello – need to do what’s right for the district. @RobertHurt voted against unemployment benefits, factory owners, seniors…

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt has nothing to offer, keeps lying (“govt takeover of healthcare”), attacks Nancy Pelosi. What a loser.

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – Slams @RobertHurt for flip-flopping on trade, earmark reform, taxes…

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello also slams @RobertHurt for not reading #HCR bill, not attending townhall meetings…

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello knocks it out of the ballpark on the new energy economy, “green jobs.” Go Tom!

    @NotAndySere: @TomPerriello’s campaign is focused on America, fighting, America, keep fighting, and AMERICA! Plus he fights.

    @BradleySRees: Hurt has slammed @TomPerriello for “voting for a bill he hasn’t read,” but admitted in last #va05 debate HE hadn’t read it

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt has no understanding of the new energy economy, instead launches more outrageous, false attacks on @VotePerriello

    @NotAndySere: 2010 is about angry voters. @RobertHurt tells you he’s angry. @TomPerriello shows you he’s angry

    @PittGirly: Hurt accuses Perriello of forgetting the people who MAKE things in the 5th CD. Umm…he just talked about them…

    @mkoshark: 30 mins into Perriello / Hurt debate: Perriello is all substance while Hurt is 100% buzz words like ‘big gub’ment’ but little info

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt wants to cut education at state AND federal level, what would be left?!?

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – Healthcare premiums have been rising for a long time, why does @RobertHurt want to ditch small business taxcut?

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt wants Congress to get a better healthcare plan than everyone else

    @bradramsey: View of the #va05 debate from above, regardless of your political preference, a great view of democracy at work

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt – Favors bringing back preexisting conditions, donut hole, other abuses of health insurance companies. Nice.

    @NotAndySere: Winner of #VA05: Jay Warren & WSLS. Their debate ROCKED compared to this.

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt – mixes up “increase” and “decrease,” appears to have no idea what he’s talking about

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello Under @RobertHurt #HCR plan, payments to doctors slashed, Medicare goes bankrupt, cuts in benefits, etc.

    @NotAndySere: Who’s the conservative?! RT @andysere #va05 debate Hurt: No cuts to Social Security; Perriello: All Social Security cuts on the table.

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt stuttering, bumbling through his closing statement, can’t keep his lies straight! LOL

    @lowkell: @RobertHurt appeals to ignorance, the worst in people. @VotePerriello appeals to knowledge, the best in people.

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – if you want talking points, someone who won’t step up on tough issues, vote @RobertHurt

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello – @RobertHurt, you can disagree w/me but don’t disrespect me and suggest I get pushed around by anyone!

    @lowkell: @VotePerriello absolutely pummeling @RobertHurt , this is a thing of beauty. Go Tom!

    @lowkell: No wonder why @RobertHurt didn’t want to debate @VotePerriello Ouch!!!

    @NotAndySere: 2nd #VA05 debate over. @RobertHurt’s campaign is focused on three things, cap and trade, health care, failed stimulus.

    @NotAndySere: If you think government was only broken by Obama, Pelosi, & Perriello, and fixes are easy, @RobertHurt is for you.

    • aznew

      at how unprepared and uninterested Robert Hurt appears in issues. He obviously doesn’t think about and consider issues, but simply repeats talking points.

      How else to explain, say, his utter incoherence on education. He pays lip service to the importance of education (what’s next, will he come out in favor of puppies and cotton candy?), and then touts a standard Conservative opinion that education should be funded and directed at the state and local levels.

      Ok, fine. But two things.

      First, he seems to think that while this would, in theory, result in fewer federal taxes (since we would no longer fund the department of education), where does he think the money would come from to replace what is lost when the Federal government withdraws? Is Hurt willing to consent to the increase of property, local and state taxes that would be needed to fund education.

      Second, even more incoherent, after arguing that the federal government should not play a role in education, he urges people to vote for him so, when in Congress, he can continue to support education.

      Doing what, exactly, since in his view, Congress has no role to play?

      Well, whatever. I guess if you’re ticked at Perriello, you will vote for Hurt. If you stop and think about who would be the better person to represent the Fifth District, then Perriello is the clear choice.

    • VADEM

      really thinks he has this in the bag. He hasn’t done his homework. He appeared to me anyway that he was just sticking to the talking points but when he got called on something he fell to pieces. It seemed like he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. He just knew what words to say but didn’t know the meaning of his policies or the repercussions.

      It was surreal. Tom blew him out of the water.

    • …anyone who’s seen him at a health-care forum has seen how sharp and knowledgeable he is.

      I guess I’m a bit surprised how Hurt keeps getting creamed on specifics; he HAS represented a part of the district for a while.  It’s just flat-out intellectual laziness.  Maybe just saying “Nancy Pelosi” over and over again is enough to win this race, but if that happens, our district is really trading down.

    • mydailydrunk

      It’s been such a long, long time since I’ve been so impressed by a congress critter’s fundamental earnestness and projection of integrity, and that’s a darn shame.

      I’d hope that more attention would be given to Congressman Perriello, as I think he demonstrates that emulating a Republican is not the way to win an election.

      The other take away I got was the fundamental difference in how he comports himself as an assertive (not aggressive) proponent of policy.  Hurt came off as petulant and petty, parroting talking points, and entirely without substance.

      It is late, and this deserved a more well-thought out response from me, but I just had to get this off my chest after watching this exchange.

      I feel so lucky to have Tom Perriello representing my (our) district, and at times I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not daydreaming.  I haven’t agreed with Tom on every single issue, but my choice, and my family’s choice this November has never been so clear.

      Go Tom!