“Sideshow Bob” vs “Felix Macacawitz” to Take On Jim Webb in 2012


    Grab some popcorn, everyone, this is going to be fun to watch!

    The deep, dark secret is revealed: George Allen will be running in 2012 (at least try to look surprised, willya?) and he’s trying to clear the decks in advance of his run…

    …the real contest isn’t between Allen and one of the congressbeings, it’s with Del. Bob Marshall

    In other words, it’s a racist dolt vs. an insane, sex-obsessed fanatic for the Republican nomination to take on Jim Webb in 2012. This should be fun.

    • vaambition

      Should be a great show

    • DanielK

      It seems like only yesterday we saw Jim Webb lifting those combat boots up in the air after he won the election!

    • Pain

      I’m not going to watch, I’m going to help Bob win the primary, cause that means he’ll [hopefully] leave the house of delegates, leaving it open for Bruce R. and then Bob will get to run against Jim Webb, who is a pretty good Blue Dog Dem which should look real good beside Teh Crazy that is Side Show Bob.

      Who’s with me?

    • Va Breeze

      so many of them will never vote for the GOP again