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Virginia Beach GOP Chair Quits, Still Makes Excuses


(UDPATE: TPM has “independently confirmed” the Bartholomew story.  Of course, “Bartholomew did not respond to repeated requests for comment.”  Pathetic. – promoted by lowkell)

In the wake of a racist email scandal first reported here at Blue Virginia, the Virginia Beach Republican Party Chairman is quitting. But he’s not racist! He just doesn’t know how to use the series of tubes!

The city’s Republican chairman agreed to resign late Monday night, just hours after a racist joke sent from his e-mail address surfaced.

David Bartholomew is not a racist and agreed to resign because the e-mail had become a distraction to the Nov. 2 election, said Gary Byler, the 2nd Congressional District GOP chairman, after meeting with Bartholomew.

The e-mail was dated March 15 and sent from the address that Bartholomew uses as party chairman. Bartholomew forwarded it without reading the contents when “he was first getting familiar with the Internet,” Byler said.

“Oh, how I fondly remember those days back in the mid-1990s when I was first getting familiar with the Internet but kept accidentally forwarding racist emails,” writes David Kurtz at TPM. “It was nip and tuck there for a while whether the Internet would realize its full potential or just be a clunky system that tripped you up into coming off as a bigot.”

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  • Peter 2010

    The subject matter of these emails is so despicable. But, I just have to laugh out loud at the ineptness and stupidity of the “first getting familiar with the internet” excuse.

  • blue bronc

    Yup! Sometimes them complicated things you just don’t want to try out until they are really tested and you don’t make mistakes. Why my nearly blind 85 year old Mother is only an Adobe Photoshop expert, I can’t wait until she trusts that box and gets around to learning how to use it.

    The excuse will work with some a lot of them. During the last four or five years I have worked with many of those who are “conservative” to get over their fears of the personal computer in a non-political world. It is a sad thing, but because they are conservative they do not accept technology changes.  It was not until Dean beat their sorry mule hides at fund raising did the political R’s get around to at least trying it.

    Currently the Republican, and unfortunatly more than a handful of Dem, websites are very primitive and not using the potential of the internet. Some of the best leaks of stuff, little things like donors names addresses and credit card info (including security codes) comes from Repub’s websites. During the last year or two the number of Republican website companies that are good has risen, but the majority of R’s websites suck.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    And Ed Schrock was just phoning a friend, and so on and so forth.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Check out this new improved improvisation contained in the TPM post:

    Vickie Wilson, legislative director for Del. Robert Tata (R-Virgina Beach) suggested to me Tuesday it was the politics of the situation, not the contents of the email, that led to the shakeup at the city Republican Party.

    “That’s what people are calling for, the Democrats, that’s what several groups are calling for,” Wilson said when I asked her about the resignation. “They saw it, were outraged and he said, you know, ‘I’ll do the right thing and I’ll resign.'”

    Wilson called me back after I left a message on the Virgina Beach GOP’s answering machine looking for comment on the email. I asked her if she thought people were “blowing the email out of proportion.”

    “Oh, absolutely they are!” she said. Wilson said it was possible Bartholomew sent the email “for awareness,” what she characterized as “sending it to somebody and saying ‘look how pathetic people think this is.'”

    “Either way, whether he did it out of a joke or out of ‘we need to make awareness,’ it doesn’t matter,” she said. “His name was attached to it and whether he had good intentions, bad intentions or no intentions it’s come back on him.”

    That really quells the turmoil!

  • If no email are sent, there is no story.  

  • From what I’ve gathered, based on talking to people over the past day or so and reading Vivian’s blog post on the subject, almost certainly what happened here was that Kenny Golden supporter(s) forwarded the racist emails around in an effort to hurt either/both David Bartholomew and/or Scott Rigell.  The emails were received and forwarded to me – by my immediate source, who I think it’s fair to say, without violating my source’s confidentiality, is on the “blue team” – on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I then posted them. End of story, except that it would be fascinating to know more about the internal divisions in the Virginia Beach Republican Party, particularly between Golden and his supporters on the one hand and Rigell and his supporters on the other. It also would be fascinating to look into how deep and how wide this racism goes in the Virginia Beach Republican Party.

  • Statement from Gaylene Kanoyton, DPVA 1st Vice Chair, Calling on Scott Rigell to give Beauchamp Money Back

    “After yet another racist email from Scott Rigell’s inner circle was reported yesterday, I call on Scott Rigell to give back the money he has received from the Beauchamps. He has not only received Karen Beauchamp’s endorsement, which he prominently displayed on his website, but also taken money from her husband. If he truly wants to distance himself from the situation, he will return the campaign donations immediately.”

    ” We do not need the type of language circulated on those emails in our public discourse, nor do we need its money.”