Monday, January 25, 2021
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Video, Photos: Dr. Jill Biden Visits Hampton Roads, Richmond, Henrico

See below for video of Dr. Jill Biden speaking with Black educators in Hampton Roads earlier today, as well as some photos and video...

Governor Northam Announces New Measures to Contain COVID-19 in Hampton Roads...

From Gov. Ralph Northam's office: Governor Northam Announces New Measures to Contain COVID-19 in Hampton Roads Region ~ Changes include restrictions on alcohol service, indoor dining, and...

Video: Gov. Northam Announces Amazon to Build Two State-of-the-Art Operations Facilities...

Check out the following press release from Gov. Northam's office, as well as video of his announcement a little while ago... Governor Northam Announces Amazon...

Ahead of Mike Pence’s Virginia Beach Visit, A Refresher On How...

From the Democratic Party of Virginia: Ahead of Mike Pence's Virginia Beach Visit, A Refresher On How The Trump/Pence Administration Has Failed Hampton Roads  RICHMOND, VA...

Whistleblower Hijacks Chesapeake Dems Website

By Josh Stanfield of Activate Virginia If you’ve been to the Chesapeake Democratic Committee’s website anytime over the past two weeks, you’ve been greeted with...

In Norfolk, Fish Is Roadkill

You don't have to be that old to remember when fishing in Virginia meant searching for a body of water rod and reel in...

Video, Live Blog: Gov. Northam on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” Show;...

See below for video of today's "Ask the Governor" appearance by Gov. Northam on WTOP, as well as my comments/"live blog." Also note that...

As sea level rise accelerates, buying shorefront property becomes a game...

Thank God for climate change deniers. They may eventually be the only buyers for shorefront real estate.

Sea level rise may not cause widespread flooding until later in this century or into the next one, but real estate deals involve long timelines: the useful life of a new house or a commercial building can be at least fifty years, while an infrastructure project might last a hundred years or more.

And of course, it's one thing to lose your house, and another to lose the ground beneath it. Sea level rise means low-lying real estate now comes with an expiration date.

So smart buyers-and landowners-have to consider not just today's flood maps, but also ones that haven't been drawn yet. If a rising sea will threaten property some decades from now, it will depreciate over time, like a car. At some point only chumps and climate deniers will buy.

Head-in-the-sand posturing still dominates the headlines, like Florida Governor Rick Scott's alleged ban on the use of the term "climate change," or the North Carolina legislature's silly (and costly) attempt to legislate sea level rise out of existence. Now the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hopes to force states to get serious about climate change by requiring states to do a better job planning for natural disasters caused in part by global warming. FEMA's goal is to save money through better planning, but conservatives have attacked the requirement as politically motivated.

Meanwhile, however, many states and localities have already begun using sea level rise forecasting in their planning. The projections will help land use planners determine not just where to allow growth, but also where to defend existing development against the incursion of the sea, and where the wiser course is to retreat. And of course, the studies should inform the decisions of anyone thinking of buying property on the coast.

Two recent studies provide a picture of sea level rise in Virginia. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) issued its report in January 2013, titled Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia. Building on that study and others, on March 10 of this year the Sierra Club released Sea Level Rise: What Should Virginia Plan For?

Both studies agree on some pretty sobering numbers. By the end of this century, the sea level in Norfolk, Virginia, is projected to be 3.6-5 feet above the level in 1992. By that point, the sea will be rising more than half a foot per decade. The numbers are higher for Virginia than for many states, in part because the land around Hampton Roads is also sinking at a rate of about one foot per century.

Although Hampton Roads gets most of the media attention, sea level rise threatens the entire Virginia coastline and the tidal portions of rivers, including the Potomac River all the way up to Alexandria and Washington, D.C. A whole lot of people should be consulting topographic maps before they make their next real estate decision.

Think Happy Thoughts: the Mental Aspects of Stemming Worst Effects of...


"We've now reached the point where mankind is controlling the climate of the planet," said senior NASA scientist Bruce Wielicki at the Langley Research Center in Hamtpon, Virginia. Wielicki's quote reads like a line from a science fiction movie, one that doesn't end well for the human race.

Wielicki's comment came in response to the recently released National Climate Assessment (NCA) report outlining, among other things, some of the negative consequences for Virginia, including: disease; more soaking rains; droughts; floods; stronger hurricanes; warmer temperatures and the risk for greater mental health related incidents. If you're not depressed by now, you should be.

The NCA report also stated unequivocally what many of us already suspected: the effects of climate change are NOT distant threats, they're here now and they're effecting us now.

A quick look at the Natural Resources Defense Council's "Extreme Weather Map 2012" shows in unmistakable detail the toll that climate change has taken on America. And of course, this could be just the beginning of a beautifully horrific narrative of extreme weather event after extreme weather event ravaging America.

George Allen on WNIS 11:30 AM Today

It's been six years since George Allen, then a Presidential pretender, has accepted an appearance on WNIS. On that occasion, Allen responded to a pointed question from morning show host Tony Macrini, "Tony, it's too early in the morning to answer that." Today, he will be on with Dave Parker.

Macrini: "Then maybe it's too early in the morning for you to be President."

Hampton Roads has become reliably Republican and is essential to an Allen victory. This may explain Allen's change of heart. The Norfolk station airs the Dave Parker show from 10 AM to noon weekdays and is broadcast live (though sometimes lagging) via the internet. Generally, the hosts on WNIS encourage their audiences to participate by calling in or submitting questions via E-mail. It will be interesting to see how Allen's handlers negotiate the interview.

Studio: (757) 627-7979

Dave Parker:

Update: In Parker's intro, he announced that since he invited Allen on the show today, there would be no questions, Allen would be allowed to discuss his campaign, and that he (Parker) would give Kaine the same opportunity in the future.