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Yes, Krystal Ball Could Be the Next Sarah Palin If…


I was reading the comments section on Slate’s article, “Is Krystal Ball the Left’s Answer to Sarah Palin?”, and strongly agreed with the following.

What a ridiculous premise. A “Liberal Sarah Palin” defies all logic. Additionally, she would have to have an IQ of 80.

I also liked:

She has to be a lot stupider and speak in incomprehensible babble for her to be “the left’s answer to Sarah Palin.

And this:

Can she speak English? Yes? Well then don’t compare her to Sarah Palin.

And finally, I like this one:

…unless KB is as vacuous, ill-informed, derisive of others’ accomplishments and uninterested in government except as a means to power and self-gain, she’s nothing like Sarah Palin. There’s nothing wrong with using one’s experience, as a woman, mother, whatever, to inform one’s agenda and campaign platform. As someone who despises Palin, I have no issues with KB admiring Palin for acknowledging her gender or her experiences as a mother, or even using those as arguments for her campaign. The problem comes with Palin’s defensiveness, sneering and empty preening about pit-bulls and mama grizzlies.

In short, stupid article; great comments section!

  • blue bronc

    in a voice practiced daily to excite those whose brains consist of oatmeal and meal worms.

    What the flying donut hole is going on with the sexist crap out there? Sarah Palin is a former, repeat, FORMER beauty pagent entrant who now requires long shots and pantyhose over the lens to soften her wrinkles (OK I can say that not you men).

    But, there are the sexist things against Betsey Markey (CO), Pelosi (the guys preference if she was 10 years younger), O’Donnell, McCain (daughter), Boxer, the CA repub twins, and just about every other woman in politics.

    I have no idea of any of their intellect, but I do think a couple of them should have monkeys as their service animals providing brain power.

    This week I spent two days with many of our country’s best and brightest women – that was damned good to be around women thinkers (and enough estrogen that only a couple of men one man survived – and now to be reminded of how most women in politics are viewed by the general population (present company excepted of course).  Sure Palin and O’Donnell could play checkers against each other and lose each game, but that does not mean ALL women in politics are gas heads.

    I can say I got a lot of hits on my website and social media pages when FreeRepublic made a mistake between me and a woman with the same name (not the same body). She did a quick strip in front of a cop and was arrested. The freepers made the wrong assumption it was me. Oh well, the other has one great body, I would not mind meeting her. As they say in show business, there is no bad publicity as long as they spell my name correctly.

    So, we Dems need lead the R’s out of the pre-19th Amendment days. Vote for women because we are naturally best! Unless they are on the R’s bench.