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Yes, Krystal Ball Could Be the Next Sarah Palin If…


I was reading the comments section on Slate’s article, “Is Krystal Ball the Left’s Answer to Sarah Palin?”, and strongly agreed with the following.

What a ridiculous premise. A “Liberal Sarah Palin” defies all logic. Additionally, she would have to have an IQ of 80.

I also liked:

She has to be a lot stupider and speak in incomprehensible babble for her to be “the left’s answer to Sarah Palin.

And this:

Can she speak English? Yes? Well then don’t compare her to Sarah Palin.

And finally, I like this one:

…unless KB is as vacuous, ill-informed, derisive of others’ accomplishments and uninterested in government except as a means to power and self-gain, she’s nothing like Sarah Palin. There’s nothing wrong with using one’s experience, as a woman, mother, whatever, to inform one’s agenda and campaign platform. As someone who despises Palin, I have no issues with KB admiring Palin for acknowledging her gender or her experiences as a mother, or even using those as arguments for her campaign. The problem comes with Palin’s defensiveness, sneering and empty preening about pit-bulls and mama grizzlies.

In short, stupid article; great comments section!

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