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No, We Will Not “Coalesce” Around Glenn Nye in 2012


So, it turns out that Glenn Nye is seriously considering running again in 2012.

“I’m still considering running again,” Nye told The Virginian-Pilot. “I think there’s some things that took place in this election which indicated a strong possibility of my being able to win in 2012. But I don’t feel the need to rush a decision.”

Nye also claims that he’s “still proud to be a Democrat,” even though he just finished a campaign in which he bashed top Democratic priorities and leadership. But sure, we believe you Glenn!

More Nye wisdom: “I’m afraid right now we are in a time when extremists are the decision makers in this country.” Riiiight, so Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are “extremists,” in Nye’s view?  He might be calling John BONEr and Eric Can’tor “extremists” as well, but since he uses the present tense when he says “are the decision makers in this country,” it’s hard to believe he’s referring to anyone but the Democrats, who last I checked controlled the White House and Congress. Apparently, Nye believes that Bob Dole’s 1993 Republican alternative health care reform legislation, which Democrats essentially adopted earlier this year, is “extremist.” Same thing with the Reagan administration conservative, market-based “cap and trade” idea.  And Nye wonders why he alienates “the base,” aka “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party?” What an imbecile.

Finally, per the Washington Post’s comment that “it’s not clear whether everyone in the party would coalesce around Nye as the best candidate,” I can say categorically right now: NO WE WILL NOT COALESCE AROUND GLENN NYE IN 2012! Sorry for the “all caps,” but Glenn Nye’s pretty dense so I wanted to make sure he heard that.

  • Cool_Arrow

    I have to agree “just say no to Glenn Nye”. Though a lot is going to really depend upon how redistricting goes. There is only so much more the GOP can get creative with things and I really hope that the Democratic Senate can hold the line and force some marginal districts instead of tossing us 3 ubber safe democratic districts and 8 districts that clearly lean Republican. We should have at least 2 districts that are evenly split with Democrats and Republicans in addition to 3 safe Democratic districts. If they can add more African American population into the 2nd than it would become a very even partisan district that we could win with a new challenger. One obstacle is that Rigell is going to be very well financed as he can stroke himself mega checks. Thelma Drake was not in this position and was also not a savy candidate. Riggel is a blank slate so we won’t know how he’ll do and what type of target he would provide but he won’t ever be lacking in funds.

  • Randy Klear

    Nye went back to Washington and started off the lame duck session by voting against extending unemployment benefits. I don’t see any way he wins a contested primary.

  • I’m sure there are plenty of excellent DEMOCRATS who live in the 2nd.

  • Tom

    While everyone is recovering from the 2010 losses in Virginia, we need to get serious about finding and promoting an alternative for Nye in the 2nd CD.

    I am counting on Susan and Kyle, who have together more than doubled the VBDC membership since Susan was elected chair to recruit a better candidate than Nye.

    Now that Nye is no longer a sitting Dem. Congress critter, that should mean a clean slate for a potential candidate. With redistricting likely to shift some of Bobby Scott’s precincts from the 3rd to the 2nd CD, it would seem logical that there should be someone who might be in a position to challenge the GOP by exciting the Dem. base, which Nye was never able to do for reasons stated here many times.

    As in most districts, winning depends on two critical factors: The first and foremost IMHO is a candidate who can energize the base with a positive message he/she can deliver simply, clearly and consistently; and the second is an existing strong grassroots organization that knows how to deliver a powerful GOTV effort. The 2nd CD already has the 2nd element in the VBDC, which includes the local YD president who can help bring the young voters (back)into the mix. The only element still missing is the right candidate who can energize the base and bring out the independents and moderate republicans.


  • vaambition

    We need to focus our energies to a fair redistricting of the 4th Congressional District

  • englin

    Glenn Nye threw President Obama and his fellow Democrats under the bus, and now that he lost (and thus has nothing left to lose) he voted against extending unemployment insurance.  Politics is a numbers game, so even an awful Democrat like Nye counts towards a majority.  But it sure would be great if a real Democrat would run for the 2nd District nomination!

    Del. David Englin

  • Lotta Crabtree

    (I previously have been a straight ticket Democrat. No more)

    I live in Nye’s district and was happy to vote for him to defeat Bush rubber stamper Thelma Drake.

    Sad for me, he turned out to be one of those ill-informed Democrats who did not understand that if we had wanted a Republican, there was one right there on the ticket to vote for!

    I came to the extremely hard decision that no, any Democrat IS NOT better than a Republican. I did not vote for Rigell, it’s just that for the first time in my life, I did not vote FOR the Dem. I was one of those cranks who wrote in “Public Option” because I hoped that Nye would get the message that the reason I did not vote for him was he wasn’t “Dem enough”.

    My hope is to have a Democrat who is proud of being a Democrat and who acts and votes like a Democrat to vote for next time around. If not, I will just continue to withhold my vote or look for a Third Party or write-in option.

    (This is my first post on this site. I came here from DK after reading the diary today. I don’t have a membership on Kos, I just read there. I am definitely someone who is old school Democrat – civil rights/liberties, working class agenda, real health care reform, etc. so I have no idea if Blue Virginia is a good place for me. I am willing to work to help to make Virginia bluer, but not if that just means Republican lite)

  • Tom