Cuccinelli Plays God


    By Paul Goldman

    While the resurrection of Jesus is a matter of faith, the resurrection of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling as the GOP candidate for Governor in 2013 may soon be a matter of proof. According to a newspaper interview published today, Attorney General Cuccinelli indicates he is odds-on to run for re-election in 2013. In a GOP gubernatorial  nomination contest between Ken and Bill, there isn’t a hospital in America, even Hawaii if you believe Donald Trump, willing to provide an authentic certificate of live birth to a Bolling for Governor 2013 campaign.

    But you say: “Paul, in the interview, isn’t the AG playing with Bolling and the Democrats too?” ”

    My answer: Ask me before this interview and I agree. But now I am rethinking.  

    Why? Since Virginia became a competitive two-party state, everyone elected to the AG post has run for Governor.  Voters accept the job being a political stepping stone. Opponents always attack various of their AG actions as politically motivated. Voters seem to regard such attacks as one politician accusing another of being a politician. Big whoop.

    So I ask myself: Why is it so important to Kenny C to be seen as  not letting politics interfere with his jurisprudential advocacy when voters don’t care?

    My answer: He wants to be seen as a non-political AG because such an image is important to him.

    By running for re-election, he believes this allows him to prove his actions have been legally, not politically, based. He gets to claim, if re-elected, a wide acceptance of his legal views in a major state.  

    Will Cuccinelli decide to play God?  His critics would say that is a rhetorical question.

    • Glen Tomkins

      If the Tentherism of the VA ACA lawsuit prevails, then state AGs are going to be, if not God, arguably closer to His throne than even governors.

      The Rs have been packing the federal bench for a generation with Federalist Society stooges.  The lawusit wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has already without the decision of one such plant.  We’re only a single bad-hair day for Justice Kennedy from having SCOTUS give Cuccinelli and the Rs back their state nullification.  Then we can all party like it’s 1861 again.

    • listlady

      As AG he can issue pronouncements, file lawsuits, and try to order everyone around without getting bogged down in the humdrum of governance such as budgeting, managing the state bureaucracy, and taking any responsibility for minor matters such as road repair. Sounds like he’s already got his ideal job.