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Sharon Bulova Endorses Strong McCain-Palin Supporter, Attacks Oleszek’s Focus on Education!


What is it about politics that leads good people to do really, really stupid things? Case in point: Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova, who has now hit an all-time low in this regard. According to Bulova, in a press release out this morning, she is “very proud to endorse Chris Wade in the Democratic primary” for Braddock District Supervisor. That would be the same Chris Wade who identified himself as a STRONG McCain-Palin supporter, just days before the November 2008 presidential election. Wade is also someone who Rep. Gerry Connolly complained had no serious civic or political credentials qualifying him to run for supervisor, while also citing concerns over Wade’s voting history, notably two recent cases where he voted in Republican primaries. Why on earth would a Democrat like Sharon Bulova endorse this guy over a real Democrat – one who ran against Ken Cuccinelli and lost by just 101 votes – like Janet Oleszek? It’s mind boggling.

*Speaking of Oleszek, it’s even more mind boggling that Sharon Bulova would attack her for supposedly only being “passionate and informed about one thing” – education. First off, that’s patently untrue. Among other things, Janet Oleszek is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate of strong environmental protections. Same thing with transportation matters. What on earth Bulova’s talking about is beyond me, but is she implying that Oleszek’s service on the Fairfax County School Board, and her passionate commitment to top-notch education in Fairfax County, is actually a bad thing?!? WTF?

So, why would Sharon Bulova endorse a strong McCain-Palin supporter? According to leading Fairfax County Democrats I’ve talked to today, there are a few interesting items to note.

1. In 2008, then-Braddock-Supervisor Sharon Bulova gave Republican John Cook the “Community Champion” award for the District. About a year later, Cook won Bulova’s seat, running in part on that “Community Champion” award. Nice job, Sharon, for giving him the street cred/local fame to run on.

2. Note that in her endorsement, Bulova doesn’t mention anything about Wade having the right VALUES; instead, it’s all about being a nice guy who she’d be able to work (translation: “control”) with on the board.

3. Clearly, Bulova sees Oleszek as too independent, too much her own person, and not nearly as likely to do what she’s told to do – by her – as Wade would be.

4. Bottom line: Bulova wants someone she can control. If Cook loses, she sees Wade as that person.

Does any or all of this give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Not me.

  • Given that education this fall (and the school board election) is probably the most important and most active discussion in the county among most voters that I know (including the all important voter who doesn’t usually come out and vote the way we die-hards in each party do) this seems like a very odd thing to say.  

  • Tom Greeson

    I also support Chris Wade. Not because of the negatives you lay on him, but because he stepped up early to take on John Cook. Early on, I pledged my support. I like Janet, but I also like Chris and promised him early on that he’d have my support. Sharon Bulova is likely in the same position as I am. I hope Chris wins the primary, but I can easily give strong support for either Chris or Janet when the Aug. 23rd primary results are tabulated.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    is one of those tear-each-other-apart internal fights that weakens Democrats for the crucial fight against the Republicans in the upcoming elections. I support Janet, of course, and I hope she continues to keep her campaign positive, even in the face of provocation from other Democrats. We need our collective strength for November.

    To be frank, and to take a wide-angle-lens view of current politics, I am dismnayed by how not just Sharon Bulova but Obama himself seems to be helping Republicans lately and hindering Democrats…. but that is from my progressive point of view. It boggles my mind; do we have a suicide virus running through the party?

  • notlarrysabato

    Is all about Janet daring to challenge Baby-Bulova for the House of Delegates in 2005.  It’s pure political payback.  

    By the way Fairfax County spends over half of the budget on FCPS, yet there are no former School Board members on the Board of Supervisors.  Maybe something that would be useful?

  • Will Radle

    Respectfully, Chairman Bulova’s record has not been consistent with Democratic principles.  She has been effectively cutting the pay of Firefighters and Teachers as well as all other county and school employees year after year in the shadow of rising food costs, gas prices and real estate taxes.  She has denied funding to our public schools year after year despite a growing student population.  Now Bulova speaks against a candidate who fights for our students.

    While our taxpayers have been subsidizing other taxpayers over $501 million annually, Bulova has been silent.  She is not advocating for our community. Now Bulova strongly endorses “McCain-Palin Dude”.  Anyone surprised?

    Wade has not said why he changed parties.  He has not offered one public policy change he will work to achieve.  He offers nothing for accountability.  I want to see Janet face John Cook in the general election.  They both offer more for our community than Wade.

    Since Chris will not dance with Janet, I have stepped up.  I would be happy to participate in a Democratic forum before August 23 so we can hear Janet.  Leave Wade in the shade if he does not want to accommodate a public debate.

    As for me, I am the independent candidate for Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  Democratic Chairman Rex Simmons has acknowledged I want the very best for our community.  You and your family are a cause worthy of a fight.

  • Will Radle

    SSpiker, thank you.  I notice no one argues for Bulova.  As for me, I am post partisan.  My principles have not changed.  My strategy works to unite people, rather than divides our community.

    In December I sent an open letter to Democratic Chairman Rex Simmons and Republican Chairman Anthony Beddell, as well as the Lee District chairs, requesting consideration for endorsement as one of three at-large members of our School Board.  I was not seeking a guarantee, just consideration.  While no one disputed the specific goals I outlined or the vision I presented, both Chairmen rejected my request because they saw me seeking support from their opposing party.  I was seeking support from both parties.

    In addition to specific policy goals, my message stated I am motivated by love of people and the needs of our community.  That remains true as I stand for chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors pursuing the same policy goals.  In July Chairman Simmons acknowledged I want the very best for our community.  He said, “[Will] seems to be offering utopia.”  I need to show how we will fulfill the vision.

    Recognizing our nation engages in a global competition and our quality of life remains at peril, my principles guide me to stand for the future of our community and our nation.  Too many politicians seem to have accepted our nation becoming second rate to a tyrannical foreign regime.  With my plan, we work to double our economy at least once per decade, that requires an annual average growth rate of 7.178 percent.  My plan helps to maximize the creation of jobs.

    I possess the best vision, the smartest strategy and the greatest tenacity.  If I was not standing for election, Fairfax County voters would be limited to choosing a candidate who possesses a record of cutting education and public services or one who promises unspecified budget cuts.

    I own responsibility and embrace accountability in helping to create a better future for our community and our people.  If elected, I will conduct monthly televised town hall meetings hosted by journalists and bloggers throughout our community.

    I am proud and thankful that Democratic and Republican Senators and Delegates have helped me to get on the November ballot.  I possess an honest empathy for people and listen to understand concerns and passionately advocate for effective, sustainable solutions.  

    I am the author of the only comprehensive fiscal and economic plan Representative James Moran has ever submitted to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis.  My plan keeps our promise to the American people by making Social Security and Medicare solvent.  With my plan, we would balance our budget and reduce our debt beginning October 2011.  We would provide universal health care coverage.  My plan helps to maximize economic growth and create jobs.

    My principles remain intact.  I welcome an opportunity to participate in a Democratic forum focused on issues of local importance.  I would only ask that a video of the entire event be placed online so independent and Republican voters could see that I provide a consistent message for our community’s future.

    In closing, let me repeat, so far, no one on Blue Virginia is standing for Bulova’s record as Chairman.