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Does Cook Agree with Connaughton that Fairfax’s Transportation Gridlock is “good news?”


In a debate with Janet Oleszek (D) and Corey Campbell (an “Independent Green” running as the self-professed true “conservative” in the race), Braddock District Supervisor John Cook (R) brags about his relationship with Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton, how he can call Connaughton up anytime to talk about Fairfax’s transportation situation. Yes, this is the same Sean Connaughton about whom the Washington Post writes in its lead editorial today:

The bad news is actually good news, enthused Mr. Connaughton, since congestion is a symptom of prosperity. We take his point, but as Mr. Connaughton well knows, the charm of traffic jams has its perils.

The Washington City Paper weighs in as well, sarcastically noting, “I really like Virginia Department of Transportation’s spin on the fact that the Washington region has the worst traffic in the country,” then quoting Connaughton as calling Fairfax’s gridlock a case of “bad news is good news.”

Since John Cook is obviously tight with Sean Connaughton, maybe he agrees with him that horrendous traffic gridlock in Fairfax County is actually “good news?” Somebody should ask Mr. Cook about that, perhaps the next time he brags about how frequently he talks transportation with Connaughton, McDonnell et al?

  • Will Radle

    The incumbent chairman wants to keep the Virginia Secretary of Transportation in control of our roads.  On this issue I agree with John Cook.  Again, the incumbent chairman prefers to complain rather than provide meaningful, effective solutions.

    We need local control, local responsibility and local accountability.  I advocate for the same exceptions Henrico and Arlington Counties enjoy.

    As chairman, I would advocate for increased power to local government so our residents have fewer excuses to overcome in acquiring the quality services they demand and deserve.

  • jsmith

    Lowell – your post is absurd. It’s astounding that you want to twist John Cook’s ability to work with the state to plow neighborhood-level streets in Braddock District when no-one else could into an attack. But, then again, you are the press-relations arm of the Oleszek-Tribbett campaign.

    Where was Oleszek during those storms? Hell, where has she been for the past 4-8 years? If what I’ve read everywhere else is any indication, she certainly hasn’t spent the time learning the issues or how to answer a straightforward question.