Priorities Should Republicans Capture the Senate Majority


    Heard on the RPV GOTV fly-around: count these as the items going to the head of the list should the Republicans take a majority: State pension “reform;” “Right-to-work” constitutional amendment; and, state enforcement of federal immigration laws. Delegate Bob Bell (R-58th) delivers the message in Charlottesville today.

    • VADEM

      state pension alone thing should get state workers off the couch and vote. The right to work for less oughta get the unions out. Actually it is a good thing that they let this cat out of the bag now. A big push tomorrow may or may not do it. I don’t know if there is now enough time to publicize this.

      Sucks BIG TIME.

    • Will Radle

      is a fight between state and local governments in Virginia.  Governor McDonnell has already said he intends to further cut state funding for education.

      Remind our friends on the red team that unfunded mandates are not a conservative principle, are they?

      I remain the only candidate for Fairfax County Chairman committed to defending families and communities throughout Virginia. The incumbent chairman would continue rolling over, the red guy would cheer state cuts in education.

      I will fight for Fairfax County and maximize our alliance for change by executing a plan, vetted by state and local budget directors, that directly benefits 135 of 136 localities throughout Virginia.

      Our prevailing culture is marked by insularity, division and power politics. Together we will create a culture of listening:

      A. Will Radle, Jr.

      Independent Candidate for Chairman,

      Fairfax County Board of Supervisors