Rick “Missing Village Idiot” Perry Campaign Sues Republican Party of Virginia


    Will the whining by these whiny waaaaaambulance-chasing Republican’ts never cease? First, we had megalomaniac Newt Gingrich comparing his failure to get on the Virginia Republican primary ballot as analogous to the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (Tora! Tora! Tora! Incoming from the pissed-off Newt-ster at 12 o’clock!). Now, we’ve got the Missing Village Idiot joining the fray:

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry filed a lawsuit today in the Eastern District of Virginia challenging the validity of a state statute that keeps him from appearing on the primary ballot, a news release from his campaign said.

    Perry’s Complaint for Declarative and Injunctive Relief names three members of the Virginia State Board of Elections, plus Republican Party of Virginia Chair Pat Mullins as defendants, claiming that they somehow violated Perry’s “freedoms of speech and association protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.”  Of course, Rick Perry is a quasi (or not so “quasi?”) secessionist who fancies himself as a fierce defender of another Amendment – the Tenth – and a champion of “states’ rights.” How does Perry square his fidelity to the Tenth Amendment, which would presumably give Virginia and its Republican Party the right to set its own rules for primary ballot access, with his newfound support for the Fourteenth Amendment, which “protects a person’s civil and political rights from being abridged or denied by any state”? Got me, but if asked, Perry would undoubtedly come up with three reasons, at least one of which he wouldn’t be able to remember, and the other two of which he wouldn’t understand. Gotta love the Republican’t field for president this cycle, huh? Definitely NOT the “A Team,” let’s just put it that way.

    P.S. This is also idiotic because Perry’s most stupidest candidacy should be long gone by Virginia.

    • Mike1987

      Also Rick, just kinda put’n it out there but

      Um, States rights and 10th Amendment and stuff…..

    • kindler

      …is based on the fact that he can only remember two Constitutiional amendments at a time…

    • Quizzical

      My question is, why, oh why, does Virginia have such little business sense?  Other States scrap and claw to be one of the first primaries, purely to force the candidates to spend tens of millions of dollars campaigning there.  Virginia, on the other hand, has managed to create a system that allows most of the primary candidates to be excluded from the ballot on technicalities, leaving the remaining front-runner to run virtually unopposed, and freeing that front-runner of the obligation to spend any money at all in Virginia for the primary. It’s really quite stupid, especially in this economy.  

      So I’m all in favor of the Perry campaigning spending a ton of money on litigation in Virginia.  It’s better than nothing.  Even if all the money spent in Virginia goes to the law firm of Spots & Fain, that’s better than nothing.  It will trickle down right quick.  

    • pvogel

      Its all part of the big republican giveaway election of 2012.

      They dont want to win.       Thats   the truth, ruth.

      They are having too much fun being  who they are{ Need i say it yet again?}

    • And then, when he loses, he could demand the judge be hauled before Congress to defend themselves!

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      However onerous the requirements may be, the Democrats in 2008 had a primary ballot with five persons on it: Obama, Kucinich, Clinton, Richardson, Biden.

      This mess shows a failure by candidates, by the RPVA. (Of course, the fact that McDonnell is lusting to be somebody’s – Romney’s – empty suit Veep may have something to do with the inaction of the RPVA.

    • kindler

      Gingrich and Perry get to be on the ballot, provided that they agree to a small disclaimer by their names that says “less competent than ___” and they get to choose whether to fill in LaRouche, Kucinich, Keyes, Sharpton, Bauer…