Poll Shows Eric Cantor Potentially Vulnerable?


    Yeah, I’m highly skeptical about any poll that shows Eric Can’tor as truly vulnerable this year – or any year, for that matter, in a district that’s strongly “red” leaning and with the huge financial and other (e.g., he’s go the Republican Times-Disgrace in his back pocket) advantages Can’tor holds. Still, I found this poll conducted in November (but still relevant, I’d think) by Keith Frederick – who has polled for Mark Warner, Steve Shannon, and many other Democratic and Independent candidates for more than 30 years – to be intriguing. If nothing else, it indicates that Eric Can’tor is not particularly popular in his district, as “red” as it is. A few highlights from the polling memo.

    *Cantor’s “40% ‘reelect’ score shows a base vote well below 50%. Just 34% of Independents support his reelection.”

    *”His 51% ‘favorable’ is extremely weak.  It shows absolutely no cushion of likeability to draw undecided or swing vote to his side.  With nearly total name recognition, the polarizing Eric Cantor has no room to expand support.”

    *”Other tests in the poll clearly show that Congressman Cantor’s deep ties to Wall Street, his defense of Wall Street hedge fund managers’ tax breaks, lack of constituent service, and public support of key pieces of the Republican House agenda are big problems with solid majority of CD7 voters. In fact, after exposure to Cantor’s public record, his vote support drops well below 50%.”

    So, now it’s up to Democrats to find out whether this poll was an outlier, or whether it’s on to something real. The three Democratic candidates right now are Wayne Powell, David Hunsicker, and Jim Phillips (for whom this poll was conducted). May the best man win, and then, hopefully, proceed to give Eric Can’tor a run for his (ill-begotten) money!

    • Dems still need to find a good candidate, run him in that election and cough up some money.  First, maybe Cantor is more beatable than we think he is.  Or maybe he’s beatable, but only under a situation that may or may not develop, but if we don’t have someone in there, we’ll never know.  Or maybe he isn’t beatable this time — but just giving people the choice will make the think about next time.  And if all else fails, we keep him busy in his own backyard instead of making messes in everyone else’s!

    • It’s like that FB picture: “Lets Eat, Grandma” and “Lets Eat Grandma” — a better phrasing would be:  Dems still 1) need to find a good candidate (since I don’t personally know any of the people running, this isn’t in any way a commentary on any of them.) 2) run him in that election 3) COUGH UP THE MONEY!  (which was one of my bigger points, at least in my own head!)

    • JimPhillipsforCongress

      The guy’s a former Assistant Attorney General of Virginia and an experience mediator who has lived in the Richmond area most of his life.  He announced January 31st, and already the campaign has gotten some good buzz–he appeared on CBS 6 in Richmond on Monday.  Cantor’s position of leadership in the worst Congress ever–or at least since Gallup started measuring this stuff– has made Cantor vulnerable for the fist time ever.  We are fully confident that with Jim Phillips as the nominee, Eric Cantor will be defeated in November.

      Check him out at http://www.jimphillipsforcongr… or at http://www.facebook.com/jimphi

    • normanva

      I hope whoever runs can raise money.  The superpaks of billionaries and big business will pour millions in to help cantor.  After all he works for them.

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