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Can Someone Please Do This to George Allen?


Gabe Elsner of The Checks and Balances Project seriously kicks butt in this video. The guy on the receiving end of said butt kicking? That would be richly-compensated dirty energy shill Robert Bryce, who falsely passes himself off as a legitimate “energy expert” in media outlets around the country, but consistently fails to disclose one minor detail (actually, it’s a crucial piece of information that readers need to know!): his paid shill-dom status for the dirty energy industry, and the fact that he gets paid lots of money to smear clean energy. As I said, minor detail.

Speaking of paid shills for the dirty energy industry, how about our own George Felix Allen, who spent the past few years getting paid large amounts of cash to promote dirty energy and smear clean energy? Can Gabe Elsner – or maybe an actual reporter, doing his or her job – please come to Virginia and do this to George Allen? Of course, Allen’s usually pretty smooth, slick politician that he is, but we know that he’s also got a thin skin and vicious temper, also hates being asked questions that make him uncomfortable (e.g., the Jewish heritage question in the 2006 debate, when he went ballistic on Peggy Fox), so you never know how he’ll react. Whatever you do, just make sure to get the whole thing on video!

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