Look Out! He’s Back!


    The far-right, flat-earth, nativist Constitution Party has nominated Virgil Goode, the political chameleon defeated by Tom Perriello in 2008, as its candidate for president in November. In his dubious political career, Goode morphed from being a rational Democrat, to an Independent who was the reason the Republicans got a good deal when the State Senate was last evenly divided, to an ultra- conservative Republican Islamophobe, and now to the presidential representative of a fringe third party.

    The one thing I hope is that Goode will pull a few hundred nutcake votes in the 5th that would have gone to Williard. However, his presence on the ballot is not good news for any Democrat running against empty-suit Robert Hurt. Far too many good ole boys in Franklin County still love Virgil and just might come out and vote because he’s on the ballot.

    The Constitution Party believes life begins at conception, that education cannot be separated from religion (read that “Christian religion”), that the Voting Rights Act should be repealed, that private property rights trump environmental protection, that laws against “offensive sexual behavior” are fine, that the U.S. should not participate in any international organizations, that illegal immigrants should be identified and deported, etc., etc.They seem to be a perfect fit for the latest edition of Virgil Goode.

    It’s just a shame that the first modern Virginia politician to end up as a national presidential candidate would be somebody as nutty as Goode, representing a political party just as nutty as he is.  

    • to figure out how they differ from the Teapublican Party. I’m not seeing it.

    • sallybee

      …candidate in 1980.  So Virgil is not the first modern Virginia politician to be a national presidential candidate.  And, of course, he was still a Democrat when the power sharing deal was reached.  He was elected to congress as a Democrat and then went through his schizophrenic phase becoming an independent and finally a Republican.  With his nomination by Constitution Party he now wears his fourth label.  Let’s hope he does some damage to the GOP label here in Virginia.

    • kindler

      I strongly encourage all God-fearing, gun-loving Tea Party patriots to abandon the phony, unreliable gazillionaire Romney and vote with their heart and soul for Goode!  He’s your savior, embrace him, love him, support him!

    • Goldmanusa

                If memory serves, the Constitution Party was founded by a former midlevel player in the Reagan Administration who was an early major presence in the “conservative” politics in 1970’s. The guy lives in Virginia, I forget his name, Howard something or other.

                He leads the Conservative Caucus or something like that, you still read about them once or twice a year.

                 Illegal immigration is their big thing, indeed perhaps there only thing. Goode joined the Constitution Party after the group made some manifesto on the subject, I don’t quite remember what it was, but it was way

      hard right, way past the GOP Platforms to date which have been far different than the rhetoric in the 2012 Republican Primaries.

                 From Reagan on – I think that’s when the GOP began putting a plank in regularly – the Republican presidential candidates have been careful as they feel they can on the issue of immigration generally, nothing like this year. The winners came from Texas or California, so they understood the politics.

                 At some point a decade or so ago, Goode began growing more and more obsessed with the issue of illegal immigration, the loss of Southside jobs to foreign competition, and issues relative to that.

                 Precisely what made him jump into the deep end without a life preservor is above my pay grade.

                 He was the guy the Wilder campaign got to give our nomination speech for the historic run to break the color line in Southern politics at the statewide level, he was the perfect choice back in 1985.

                 It is tragic, to me at least, to see a guy who really played a needed and necessary role in overcoming a centuries’ old racial barrier wind up this way for reasons which baffle really.

                Goode will run very hard right on immigration in terms of distingushing himself from the GOP. Already we see Romney trying to figure out a way off the political limb he is now on in this area.

                 I wrote a piece a few months ago for Foxnewslatino.com pointing out the huge political problem Republicans had now created for themselves based on polling data. Romney’s people have been following it. I suspect they will try to use Senator Rubio to move toward the middle.

                 So Goode may get his wish: if so, I suspect we will see him Arizona and elsewhere, going for that anti vote.

                 The Constitution Party is biggest in California in terms of registered members. But California is safe Democrat so he can’t hurt Romney there. But it is conceivable that if Goode had the money to get his views known in the Southwest, he would affect the outcome in a state if we get the kind of de facto dead heats like in the Gore v Bush race.

                  100-1 at best. He brought it on himself. But those who knew in the 1980’s would never have thought it would come to this.  

    • jwsevert

      I very much hope that Virgil can persuade the former Minnesota governor to be his running mate…Goode and Pawlenty!

    • pontoon

      Goode get 10,000 signatures, including 400 from each CD.  Could we help him in VA.  He’ll draw some votes away from Romney!

    • FreeDem

      For the gnashing of teeth from the Ron Paul libertarians when Congressman Paul endorses Virgil Goode for President this year instead of the Libertarian candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. A lot of them were shocked and angry when Paul supported Baldwin instead of Bob Barr in 2008. Prepare to be disappointed again!  

    • FreeDem

      I recognize the concern that Goode on the ballot will drive up turnout among his good ol’ boy supporters who might not be impressed with Willard, but remember that McCain was also seen as liberal on immigration in 2008. Based on turnout I’d estimate no more than around 200 voters in the entire 5th who voted for someone like Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin and then voted for Goode for Congress. Almost all in Franklin and some in Henry.