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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, May 31. Also, check out Gov. VP’s BS on (not) being considered for VP.

*Prove Mitt’s not a unicorn, group says in satirizing ‘birthers’ – CNN.com (My question: wouldn’t a unicorn be a lot more real than robo-politician Willard “Mitt” Romney?)

*Gov. Bob McDonnell blamed for transvaginal ultrasound bill (I still prefer my nickname for McDonnell, “Transvaginal Bob,” over Sen. Lucas’ “Governor VP,” by a slim margin. Still — nice job, Sen. Lucas!)

*Secular group plans Va. atheist lobbyists by 2013

*Tom Hanks film about hijacked ship to be partly filmed in Va.

*Allen supporters question Radtke’s attacks

*ALEC is shunned by some Virginia lawmakers (Good to see a few Republicans on this list, although the number is pitifully small.)

*Warner: Still unclear what Middle East shifts will mean for U.S.

*George Allen launches Virginia tour ahead of Senate primary (I presume he’ll be staying mostly in what he calls “real Virginia?”)

*Michelle Obama to campaign in Northern Virginia next week

*Editorial: Hold primaries in Virginia (“Unlike party conventions, primaries give all Virginians a chance to participate.”)

*Reasons for caution on port proposal

*Spelling bee star departs early

*Fairfax County supervisors clash over audit of troubled social services agency

*Editorial: The secrets of Stadium Woods (“A Virginia Tech committee has completed its analysis of Stadium Woods, but administrators won’t release its findings.”)

*VDOT to spend $26 million fixing Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach

*Forecast: Sunny day to end May, stormy start to June

  • glennbear

    The Roanoke Times editorial although rightly advocating for primaries versus conventions failed to point out the obvious link between the push for conventions and the flurry of voter suppression bills in the last GA session. Both movements tend to limit voter participation to “predictable” outcomes and disenfranchise large numbers of voters from having a voice. VA is rapidly becoming a feudal society where politicians are selected by “their own” and not the majority of the voters. With widespread gerrymandering in recent years primaries in some instances are the only time when voters have a say since many races are unopposed.

  • loudoun independent

    I still find it ironic that you insist on calling him “Trans-Vaginal Bob” when it was his veto and his veto alone that prevented mandatory transvaginal probes. Let that be a lesson learned, I suppose: do something we like and we’ll pretend it never happened and bash you for it anyways.

    Talk about a “Big Lie”, heh.

    At least its better than then I-Still-Can’t-Believe-Rational-People-Thought-This-Was-Okay nickname “Taliban Bob”. Or any of the other myriad of ridiculously immature nicknames this site has used in the past.